Hari Raya in Singapore 2009 – Part 2

On the third day (Tuesday) we had our breakfast at the coffee shop behind my uncle house. I had 2 bowls of noodles!!!! Normally one bowl already filled me up but with the excuse of being preggy, I whack one more bowl lar! 😛

After breakfast we took a train to Orhard Road and went to ION Orchard. This is supposedly the latest attraction in Singapore along with a few others which we did not get a chance to visit like Central Orchard and Iluma in Bugis. Well, there’s always a next time… after all, most shopping malls are more or less the same.




We went to meet a bento mama together with her pretty girl at the Coffee Beans & Tea Leaf in ION. We had some drinks and after a short chat they have to leave as the girl needs to be in school so we parted way after we went to get some bread at this very popular bread store named Provence. After which, we went to hunt for food around the food court at the basement (B4).

There are actually 2 food courts. Since it was lunch time, one of the food court (can’t remember the name) was packed so we decided to look at the outside one which has less people. Guess what I had?




This is something new which I’ve never tasted before. I’ve been craving for beef for this pregnancy so burgers are always on my mind… This Freddie’s Burger is sort of Aussie-tised coz all the burgers’ have names of all the Australian cities. The one I had is called Tom Price Double Patties with Double Cheese something… which looked like this….




Taste wise not so bad but price wise a bit expensive coz it is not a restaurant. I think I paid SGD5+ for this burger. Well, nothing is cheap these days. At least my burger is edible. There was another burger stall I wanted to try but can’t disgest so much. The burgers in this stall are rather unique…




The buns are actually steamed buns and not the regular burger buns. Probably this is a more healthy variation of burgers available in the market now. In my opinion, it is a little like Mos Burger… very Japanese. Too bad I don’t have extra tummy space to try. Hopefully they can survive so I can try it on my next trip!

What PiggyBeng had was…. *yucks* While we were looking, we came across this store that has a huge roasted pig on display. Since we don’t get to see something like that in M’sia, we are curious. It does look very nice… in fact looked crispy too.




The crackling really looked deceiving! The moment I sink my teeth on it, I thought I was eating a piece of plastic! I gave PiggyBeng a funny look… and said ‘You paid SGD6 for pieces of plastics?????’ 0_O Gosh! It was really a rip off! The meat below was a cold as ice so you tell me how to eat???? 😐 We were so disappointed… really!

So people, please-please avoid this stall if you happen to pass by and got attracted by the big roasted pig on display! If you still want to buy, please make sure you ask the staff to give you a piece to try first coz look can be so deceiving!




After lunch we shopped a little. We walked over to Takashimaya. Once there, I started to comb the foodcourt for something to munch but they are the same old stores since years ago so did not get anything but decided to go mooncake tasting instead… after all they are having it at the event hall and Darrius fell asleep by the fountain.

Once Darrius woke up, we went out to catch a bus. Darrius wanted to take the double decker and since it was our last day there we purposely catch Bus no. 14 to Tanjong Katong for the famous Katong Laksa.




Not sure if this is the most famous stall since all the shops advertised as the ‘Famous Katong Laksa’ on their signboards. The laksa we had was really thick and creamy so I guess we are got what we were looking for…




The only thing is, our bowls of laksa don’t come with nice presentation seen on the signboard. But I don’t really care as long as they tasted good and I satisfied my craving… 🙂

We ended the day with dinner together with my uncle’s family in Bedok Reservoir. It is a chi-char stall on one of the blocks’ void deck. Food was great but we were too busy eating that I did not snap any photos… 😛

p/s: With all those feasting, even PiggyBeng will have a hard time getting into his tuxedo pants!


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0 Responses to Hari Raya in Singapore 2009 – Part 2

  1. KIttyCat says:

    Mmm…the burger looks good! The last decent burger I had was probably at Chilli’s. Sigh…when will Burger King come to Penang???

  2. chinnee says:

    can’t ask them to put into oven and heat it up? it looks very nice though.

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