Exam week!

Never have I thought that I’ll have to deal with exams so soon! I was told by Madam Leong that Darrius will have to join the rest of his classmates to do their 2nd semester exam this week which will last 4 days. Today will be Bahasa… something Darrius has no knowledge before!

Well, I tried not to be too stress up about it since Darrius only started like a week ago and even Madam Leong told me not to stress Darrius over his marks…. after all, he’s only 3 years old technically! 😛 Nevertheless, we still went through some revision over the weekend.

Darrius only needs to remember words from N to Z. Since he has no problems with English and alphabets, it was quite easy to teach him. I just wrote all the wordings on his easel and we recite from there from time to time. After a few rounds, he can read all the words except that he can’t spell them all… but that’s good enough since there won’t be any spelling test involved.

I also photocopied some of the pages from the book the school is using and let Darrius do some practices. He can grasp most of them so I was quite happy. However, he can be quite careless so I just hope he will see properly before writing his answers on his test papers!

All the best to you my dearest Darrius boi! 🙂


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0 Responses to Exam week!

  1. Angeline says:

    Hmmm…. I wonder are they using the right words?
    ‘Exam’ is truly a ‘haunting’ word to most parents…. imagine the lesser intensity, if ‘Test’ is used instead or even better still, the word ‘Assess’.

    ‘Exam’ for a 3 year old!!???

  2. Elaine says:

    My 5 years old dont have exam, only assessment, not graded, no marks..so no sweat and stress for me. 😀

  3. jazzmint says:

    hope won’t create much stress on him

  4. 3yo already got exam?
    Ashley’s 4yo…no exams yet though..and she can recognize alphas only..cant recognize words yet!:| anyway….let’s see how she does next year la 🙂

  5. Charmaine says:

    what’s the purpose of these exams for a 3 y.o child?

  6. 2ma says:

    wah…just a few days attending school, need to join the rest for exam. stress-nya! hope he did well

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