This morning we had to go through the morning routine again in the school. Again, Darrius refused to let me go off sit in the other room so I have to stay with him for 30 minutes after the first lesson started. Today, he has to do some revision for the up coming exam… yeah… EXAM even for 4 years old! Madam Leong told me to not stress Darrius since he did not follow the lessons earlier when the term started. Nevertheless, I am going to do some revision with him. *kiasuism* πŸ˜›

I left him with Madam Leong around 9am and Darrius started screaming for me but I walked on… heavy hearted. Just got to get used to it lor…

When I returned to pick him up around 11am, I quietly went to the class and peep at him. The class was having some singing and dancing session and Darrius was one of the spectators since he is not taking part in the school concert.Β  I could hear his laughters… *so happy*

Then around 11.20am I went to fetch him and Madam Leong told me Darrius refused to eat the cake given to him during break time but he finished the bento I packed for him. Today he refused to let Madam Leong help him pee again… *sigh* He said he wanted me to help him wor…

I managed to have a short chat with Madam Leong and she told me she can ‘see through’ Darrius by now. Once in a while he will shed some crocodile tears and call out for me but will be ok after being distracted. Madam Leong said that Darrius sometimes will cry without tears… just to get attention… *haiyo* This boy of mine ah…. I really don’t know how to handle him. Madam Leong also told me that Darrius has no problem mixing with the other kids so there should not be much problems in fitting in… which is good news for me. πŸ™‚

Well, guess there will be more to come…


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0 Responses to Exposed

  1. KIttyCat says:

    Hey hey…things are looking good for Darrius πŸ™‚

    Goodlah like that – finally freedome for you!!!

  2. Angeline says:

    As a child care centre teacher for 3 years, can I sum my experience in one sentence?
    “The Child is More Manageable AFTER the Parents are OUT of Sight.”


  3. ahhh…..give him some time. he’ll be ok πŸ˜€

  4. chooi peng says:

    boy usually quite manja looking for mummy … from what i saw in my girl’s kindy. LOL

  5. jazzmint says:

    i guess he’s used to be around you all the time, so now gotta separate fr u a bit susah eh…

  6. chinnee says:

    children are so special in their own way, isn’t it? they always seems to perform better when parents are not around.

  7. debbie says:

    I wonder how long it takes for them (children) to get us of schooling environment…my nephew refused to go kiddy after attending a week w/o his parent.

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