So, how’s school today?

Darrius was still reluctant to wake up this morning despite the loud noise from the alarm clock. In fact he slept through it! As I was downstair preparing and since it was a rainy morning, I let him slumber on if the noise from the alarm failed to deter him… Finally I have to go up and bug him to wake up. He put on a struggle and I have to coax him before he relented. *sigh* This boy…

I stayed with him for about half and hour before Madam Leong told me to let her handle Darrius. Of course the little monkey started to cry when he can’t see me outside the class. I went to hide in another room but went back to check on him when he did not stop crying. Madam Leong told me to just leave Darrius to her and I went back to the other room. Darrius quiet down after a while and I went over to peep… he was busy doing something next to Madam Leong… yeah, she distracted him with some ‘chores’.

When it was time for tea break, I went to peep at him again. He started crying again and refused anything that Madam Leong offered him. Today they had porridge and some cordial drinks. I saw Madam Leong opened up Darrius’s bento box and started to feed him but that little monkey refused to eat. True enough when I check after the class, all the sandwiches were untouched except 1 slice which was half bitten!

Anyway, I decided to do it… I left the school and went home! Yeah, it was a heavy decision but I told myself, I just gotta do it… sooner or later.

I went back an hour later and I could heard Darrius’s cries when I walked up to his classroom. *haiyo* When he saw me, he cried even louder and said ‘mommy go away’ ‘ I don’t want mommy to go away….’. His face was so red from the crying!

Well, I’m not going to give in to his cries… will have to do it again tomorrow! 😛


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0 Responses to So, how’s school today?

  1. rachel says:

    For my case, the principal told me, I have yr number. If we couldnt control him (philip), we will contact you. So while I’m at the office, I keep staring at my phone..waiting for it to ring. Nevertheless, it didnt ring at all. Yes, heavy heart but got to do it..sounds so mean..but alas, i m glad Philip is adapting very well now.

  2. Angie says:

    I went to kai-kai nearby and also left my mobile phone number in case they needed to call me. His daddy was even more nervous about me not being around that Evan was!

  3. Paik Ling says:

    I think I won’t be able to leave lah……I’m such a whimp. But from what other mothers say, I guess they will adapt sooner or later. My nightmare starts next year. Sei for lor 🙂

  4. Jenny says:

    You really gotta stick to it. Cos’ it’s better now, then later! It’s one of the most difficult job as a parent…knowing you child WANTS you and is crying, yet, u know it’d be for his/her good in the long run.

    These are some “tactics” I’ve used on Lucas (Yesmin didn’t have any problem at all). The one or 2 days before school (back when he only went to school for 2 days a week), I remind him of all the things he LIKED about being in school, for example – he’s now a big boy, the toys he gets to play in school, I also asked him what was his favorite thing to do during the school time, and go from there, the snacks he gets to eat, the time he gets to go on the playgroud…etc. Bottom line, emphasize on the positive, and avoid the negative.

    Most importantly, when you do peep, you HAVE to be very very very sure that he DOESN’T sees you – otherwise, he KNOWS that “mommy can’t let me go too!” 😉

    All the best…just make sure you stick to your decision to let him be independent and grow. 🙂

  5. Amie says:

    I’ve been through the same thing too…must be persistent. My ger took 1 months to get adjusted to the new environment..she cried every morning & after school. It was quite hard pain to see her behaved like that. Don’t worry too much!

  6. Ya, agree with the rest of the mommies. Just gotta be firm and don’t give in. Good luck!

    Eh, no shopping loot from vacation meh?

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