Another lucky streak

This year I have been extremely lucky… probably because it is ‘MY’ year so everything seems to be aligned in a way… 🙂

I have meant to post this up earlier (March) but I did not get the ‘prize’ till last month.

It all started like this…

After Chinese New Year, I received a phone call from BonusLink. The lady on the other line told me I was one of the lucky person to be selected for the Shell – Win RM300 weekly campaign (or something like that… too long also cannot remember lioa) and asked me a few questions before I could claim my prize of RM300 plus 300 BonusLink points. Nothing complicated and I was told the cheque will be mailed to me within a month time. Great rite?

Ok, one month came and gone… I don’t see any cheque so I called BonusLink up and inquire what happened and I was once again being assured that the cheque has been issued and all I have to do is to wait for it. Then another month came and gone but still no sight of my RM300 cheque. However, I received my BonusLink statement and the 300 points has been credited into my account.

Again, I called BonusLink… feeling all so fed-up coz their very annoying answering machine will take you round and round for a good 5-8 minutes before being allowed to talk to a real person! And it is not even a Toll Free number!!! Imagine how much I have to pay when calling from Penang since the number is a KL number? All those calling and ranting sure works better than any fat burners!!!

This time the person told me he will need to check with Shell if my cheque has been sent out and he assured me he will call me back within a week. That week came and gone but still no news…  At that time I was battling with morning sickness so I just don’t give a damn in chasing them and leave it as it is…

Then, when I was in KL last month, my dad asked me if I have received the money and I told him NO. So, this time I was very determine to go for it… RM300 is not a big amount but neither it is small… can use as petrol money for our trip mah!

So, I called again to BonusLink and bug them till they give me the contact of the person in charge of the campaign and finally I was directed to the event company who handled the activity. I tried calling but no one seems to pick up the call so I decided to call Shell’s customer service and make a complain.

That works wonder!!! The guy from Shell helped me to get hold of the person in charge in the event company and finally I managed to get in touch with ‘someone’… phew! After more than 6 months… I can see my $$$ again…

That RM300 was finally credited into my bank account end of last month…

You see, nothing comes for free… I have to waste some phone $$$ to get my so-called ‘windfall’. *sigh* Is this only happening in Malaysia???


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Daily bites of a full time mom searching for a space to rediscover her potentials in her roles as a mom, wife and an entrepreneur.
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0 Responses to Another lucky streak

  1. etceteramommy says:

    Congrats. Really your year la!!!

    That just proved some companies are more efficient than the other.

  2. mumsgather says:

    Luckily you pursued it or else RM300 will be gone.

  3. Angeline says:

    Hey at least after the phone calls expenses, YOU STILL GAIN!!!

    Congratulations dear!

  4. chinnee says:

    wah…Rm300 for non working mum like us is really a lot of money right? congrats, dear!

  5. michelle says:

    Congrats!!! Wah they run the contest but need ppl to chase for the prize. Apala!

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