3rd Day @ Kindy

Friday was the last day of the trial. We woke up late as I did not get much sleep the night before and was lucky we still managed to arrive before the end of the morning assembly period. I knew Darrius likes it very much as he can play ‘choo-choo train’ going up to his classroom.

I decided to follow him up and make sure he settled down before I sneak away again. When he knew I am about to leave the class, he almost wanted to cry and kept calling ‘mommy! mommy! I don’t want you to go away!’. I told him that I will be standing outside and wait for him… and only then did he quiet down.

Then the boy sitting next to him came in. When the boy sat down, Darrius clutched at his bag again and said this to the boy…


Darrius: Bu yao tong wo de tong xi!!

Boy: *looked puzzled* ‘wo na li you tong ni de tong xi????’ (I where have touched your things???)

Darrius: Bu you tong wo de tong xi!!

Me: *laughing out loud* πŸ˜›


Darrius only knows that particular sentence since he don’t speak Mandarin at all. So he had memorized it by heart and make sure he gets it across to those who touches his things! He do not know how to reply back since he don’t know how to! That way he repeat the same sentence when the boy retorted back! :mrgreen:

After the funny episode and when he was not watching, I sneaked away downstairs and bought the uniforms for him. Hopefully he will feel more ‘belong’ when he has the uniform on when we are back for the actual class upon our return from Perth next month.

After about 20 minutes, I appeared again and saw this…




Awww… it was such a warm moment to see that he is doing ok… Mdm Leong made some photocopies of the writing exercise so Darrius can participate. He seemed to be happy and quietly doing his work. He was happy to see me when he looked up… πŸ™‚ I stayed around till break time and he was quiet ok and even finished his piece of cake and sarsi drink.

Since he was doing fine, I decided to sneak away again and this was what happened when I returned after some 15 minutes…




Not sure why he started crying again… He was inconsolable even after Mdm Leong offered him another work sheet to do.Β  He just kept on crying… When he saw me, he cried even louder and said ‘I don’t want to study any more! I want to go home now!’ I was like…. aiks!! What happened again??? I thought he was doing ok the first half of the day… Again, I have to go and console him and after a while he stopped crying.

After he stopped crying, I sneaked away again along the corridor and the headmistress happened to pass by and spoke to me. She told me that the class that Darrius is in should have 2 teachers but due to problems recruiting, they only have Mdm Leong in the class to control a class of 18 kids.




When I checked on Darrius a while later, I saw him continued doing the last work sheet given and half way through he got pissed again when some of his classmates came and disturb him. He even started screaming so Mdm Leong told me to come in and sat at the corner while waiting for Darrius to complete the work sheet.

Phew~Β  What a day again!

Hopefully when he go again in October, things will be better and I could leave him there to be on his own for the entire 3 hours.

After just 3 days, Darrius has already started to request for things… he wanted the same trolley bag as the boy that sat opposite him! He also told me he don’t like a particular classmate who has been disturbing him…

Well, I guess there will be more coming my way!

Over all, I am glad to make the decision to let him join the kindy now rather than next year when I have Lil’ Bun with me. In fact I should have done this earlier! Well, no point regreting…

I still could not confirm if this will be the kindy Darrius is going to stay with but for the time being, this school is a good platform for him to learn Mandarin.


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0 Responses to 3rd Day @ Kindy

  1. min says:

    so heartbreaking to see my “lil boyfriend” crying in the 2nd photo! 😦 but he is a big boy now going to be a kor kor soon, he will be fine! πŸ™‚ Don’t worry

    He is just too pampered!

  2. Kesian him lah…he also very protective hor… ‘don’t touch my thing’! lol sooooooooooooo super cute!

    Eh the kindy serve cakes and soda drinks ar? They dont serve kids meal like no soda drinks..?

  3. rachel says:

    no worries…he will be ok.. jsut give sometime..

  4. hehehe….so cute lah. Don’t worry mommy, he’ll be fine. The first week is always like that.

  5. 2ma says:

    i guess darrius needs some time to get used to mixing around with other kids. once we makes some friends, he would want to attend kindie every day πŸ˜€

  6. a-moms-diary says:

    He seems to be settling in already, somemore can complain about his classmates. But yikes…you may have restart the whole process again when you come back from Perth.

  7. Angie says:

    Ok, now I’m worried about how long I’ve got to “go to school”!

  8. KIttyCat says:

    Aiyo…this Mummy ha. Don’tlah sneak away! Darrius is such a smart boy, you can tell him either you’re going to the bank, home, market etc but later you will come to pick him up. Once he understands that, he’ll be secure and get used to the routine πŸ˜‰

    Lucas’ farewell sentence to me is always, “Ah-purt (afterwards) Mummy come back again?”. I’ll say yes. In the evening when he sees me, he’ll jump like a crazy kid yelling, “Mummy come back AGAIN!!!”

  9. So fast leh, can pick up one sentence already….and someone one which is so useful. Ha ha

  10. Paik Ling says:

    Looks like he’s settling in ok. A little tears is normal. well done Darrius!

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