2nd Day @ Kindy

The school was indeed very kind and Darrius was allowed to go for another 2 days trial as it will give him a better feel of how schooling life is about. Therefore I decided to register him with this school with the main purpose of letting Darrius getting used to the school going routine. We will continue to search for a better school maybe when he turns 6.

Both of us were so tired from the first day that we were late on the second day so Darrius missed out on the morning assembly. When we entered the class, Mdm Leong has instructed all the kids to hand up their home work and was about to start the class. I quickly sat Darrius down and told Mdm Leong that I would be downstairs to settle some of the registration matters in the admin office. She assured me that Darrius will be fine and I told her I’ll be downstairs if Darrius should act up.

I was in the admin office talking to the administrator till tea break and decided to go up and check on Darrius. And poor fellow has been crying! All the kids were having their snacks but Darrius was sitting next to Mdm Leong table and was crying! I quickly asked what happened and Mdm Leong related to me what had happened. She told me that Darrius did not want anyone to touch his things and was very protective/defensive over his bags and its content. He even refused the snack that Mdm Leong gave out (a piece of cake and orange juice) which he definitely likes!

When he saw me and still teary from crying, he asked me why I have gone away? He then told me he don’t want to go to school any more and wants to go home now. So heart breaking lah! πŸ˜›

Then I tried to take out his bento box (I prepared a simple lunch box of mantou and some celery sticks for him) but he quickly pull them back screaming ‘I don’t want! I’ dont want! Later people take away!) 😐 He was referring to his classmates… they like to hover over him as they are still very curious about the new kid in the class… I decided to stay with him and tried to feed him the mantou cause I knew he must be hungry.

After the snack period I stayed on with him till the end as I can see he will run out of the class if I leave again. He was still very teary and even refused to let me bring his exercise books out. He kept clutching onto his bag… so afraid that other kids will snatch it away.

When I prepared him for nap that afternoon, I taught him a Mandarin sentence…


Me: Boy, when you go to school tomorrow, and people tried to touch your things, you say these to them… “Bu yao tong wo de dong xi” (do not touch my things)

Darrius: *reluctant at first but nodded his head*


I kept asking him to repeat the sentence until he even dreamt about it! He blurted the entire sentence out when he sleep talk that night!!!! So, can you imagine how adamant he was about protecting his properties???? πŸ˜† I giggled and almost wanted to laugh out loud but PiggyBeng was sleeping so I kept 😐


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0 Responses to 2nd Day @ Kindy

  1. min says:

    aiyo.. sound so “ker lian” … πŸ™‚ but I’m sure he’ll get used to it soon!

  2. rachel says:

    yeah..he will get used to it soon..its only us..the mummy that dont feel good huh..

  3. chinnee says:

    haha..baru 2nd day, no friend yet mah…

  4. Angeline says:

    dreamt about it???!!!
    over the top Mommy, over the top!

  5. jazzmint says:

    wah…he must be dreaming of going school and someone tempted to take his stuff when he blurted it LOL.

  6. michelle says:

    Why the teacher didn’t has those kids not to take Darius’ things? Hrmm…

    eerrrmm…. they are all 3 and 4 years old… so no matter how many times
    you tell them they will still do it… guess will have to wait a while till they
    are tired and when Darrius is no longer ‘new kid in the class’.

  7. 2ma says:

    poor boy! i hope he will soon enjoy schooling πŸ˜€

  8. Angie says:

    Poor little guy. And we can’t help shoo away the kiddies too. After all they’re just curious. Can’t blame them.

  9. KittyCat says:

    Ya…I think the teachers should have been more helpful here. Poor Darrius – I’m sure that’s not a nice intro to school!

    Does he need to bring his own stationery? I don’t need to pack any stationery for Lucas leh.

    So far, they are curious over his Thomas containers but they only see, they don’t touch.

    Good of you to teach him the “bu yao dong” πŸ™‚

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