A New Milestone – Darrius Going to Kindy

090909 is indeed a very special day for us! (I mistakenly thought yesterday was 090909) πŸ˜›

This special day indeed marks another milestone in our life… Darrius is finally going to ‘school’ though it is just a trial for him. After shopping around for the ‘perfect kindy’, I managed to asked a few of the kindies for trial sessions and decided to start with the one nearest from our place. This is also the one and only kindy that uses Mandarin as their main language as most of the kids will be enrolling into Chinese schools when they enter Primary One.

Since we will enroll Darrius at the nearby Chinese school when he goes to Primary One, our main concern is to make sure he can grasp the language before the time comes. He only knows a few words so he was really ‘lost’ in the class as all the students spoke only Mandarin. Even the teacher conduct the class in Mandarin… so you can imagine. :mrgreen:




We started the day very early. Darrius woke up by himself for the first time in weeks without crying for me! He even requested to do his #2 before I shower him. We were out of the house by 8am and arrived 5 minutes later. Class starts at 8.30am so all the students were required to gather at the open hall next to the church for morning assembly.Then the teachers will bring all the students upstairs to their respective classes.




Darrius joined the 4 years old class and he appeared to be one of the youngest and smallest too! We were introduced to Darrius’s class teacher, Mdm Leong. She is a very nice lady. (I really admire her patience with the kids!!!) There were about 18 kids in the class and Darrius was fine during the first 20 minutes interacting with his classmates but with one major problem… all of them speak Mandarin! But kids will be kids… no matter what language, they seems to be able to mix! All the kids gathered around Darrius most of the time as he is the ‘new kid in the class’.

Today is Mandarin class. Most of the kids seems to know all the words which the teacher wrote on the board except Darrius of course! He was totally lost and after a few minutes, he took his bag and demanded that he wanted to leave and he don’t like school anymore! 😐

I told him to sit down as I was standing by the window. He refused so Mdm Leong has to bribe him with a candy. When he got the candy, he wanted to eat it! I told him he has to wait till break time and he was not happy… Then Mdm Leong started to distribute the exercise books to all the student but Darrius do not has any yet so I went to the office to get him a few pieces of blank papers so he can join in the writing exercise.




Darrius always enjoyed writing so he was paying a lot of attention when Mdm Leong gave him some assistance. He was then left alone to complete on his own. (I got really emotional at that time and had tears in my eyes…. I had been waiting for this moment for so long… my boy is finally in school learning something!) He managed to finish and passed it to Mdm Leong but a kid accidentally spilled water on the piece of paper so it was soaking wet… therefore we can’t take it home.

The class was rather rowdy… yeah, so many kids and only one teacher so most of the time they were left unattended so they will go around ‘kay-poh-ing’ with each other. Darrius lost his eraser today cause all the kids surrounded him when he took out his pencil case.



At around 9.30am, tea break was brought into the class as the break time is at 10am. Before Mdm Leong distribute the tea break, she asked all the kids to wash their hands at the adjoined toilet area. Today the kids had fried bee-hoon. Darrius was happy with the food and was the first to finish!Β  Darrius got restless waiting for the rest to finish up and wanted to get off the class. Then he demanded to eat his candy so I have no choice but to let him have it.

After tea break, it was a little exercise time in the open hall downstairs. The kids were supposed to form a line before moving down. Initially Darrius was fine and was pretty happy playing ‘choo-choo train’ but when Mdm Leong wanted to move down, she came to take Darrius hand. Darrius started to cry very loudly and calling for me so I have to assist him down. Once down in the hall, he was running all over the place… After some 15 minutes, they formed line again to get back to the classroom and Darrius cried again saying he don’t want to go back to class! I just let Mdm Leong lead him back and did not follow them but sneaked back later and hide in one of the empty classroom.

It was coloring time and since Darrius do not have any of the books, Mdm Leong drew him a picture and asked him to color it. The other kids hover over him again and Darrius was a little pissed as they kept taking away his color pencils! πŸ˜†

When he was done, he was restless again and tried to open the door and started to look for me. I tried to hide but he always managed to find me.Β  One of the time he even cried and said he wanted to go home! There were many ‘runaway’ sessions within the next one hour but Mdm Leong will pull Darrius back into the class. At the end, Mdm Leong has to use candy to bribe Darrius again so that he will sit down and follow the class. *sigh*

Finally it was time to go home… *phew*

I told Mdm Leong that I will bring Darrius again tomorrow and will try to leave him there under her care. Hopefully Darrius will be fine…


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0 Responses to A New Milestone – Darrius Going to Kindy

  1. chinnee says:

    hohoho…tell me, whats the feeling like looking at your grown up child attending to school?

  2. jazzmint says:

    bavo…for the 1st day, he did very well :). I’m sure he’d be ok tomolo

  3. family first says:

    You know, I’ll be feeling exactly like you in Jan .. cant wait!

  4. KittyCat says:

    Wow…they do start them young with the Chinese writing, huh! Darrius looks like a really big boy πŸ™‚

    I agree that the first day sounds good!

  5. WS says:

    the ‘don’t want school’ will take a while before he is fully adjusted..hang on there, mummy!

  6. Don’t worry about the language barrier, he’ll catch up in the next couple of months. When Ryan first went to kindy at 4, he did not even know a single mandarin word. It took 3 months for him to catch up.

    I’d suggest not staying with him the 2nd day onwards, so that he will not be looking for you all the time. I know it’s hard to let go of the apron string. LOL. Good luck, chia you mommy!

    wah… how can I be so cruel??? He has always stuck to me like
    super glue and this is the first time he was being left with a big
    group of strangers… hopefully he will perform better next month!

  7. Dun worry, kids pick up language very fast. And they can normally get by with sign language!!! Somehow, they can manage better than we think….so dun worry mommy!

  8. michelle says:

    Wow he holds the pencil in a correct manner.

  9. a-moms-diary says:

    YY’s kindy only allowed parents to be around for the first 3 days, and that’s it. In a way, it’s good coz the children will have no choice but to listen to the teacher and participate in class. Darrius will surely get used to the environment soon.

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