Back to reality?

One month flew by so quickly and we are back to this little island in just a few blinks of the eye. We definitely enjoyed our stay in KL… especially all the yummy dishes dished out by my mom over that 30+ days and not to mention all the makan sessions I had.

I went on to try a lot of ‘ban mian’ and ‘tai-lok mee’ when I was in KL as well as some new ‘chi-char’ as well. I always cannot get enough of KL food… in a way. Thanks to this fun loving mommy, I tried another crabbing place which is hidden from the bustle and hasles of the city though it is in the city centre! That place don’t even have any  cardboard display leading to it so if you have not been there, it is tough to find your way!

Not to forget my all time favorite, the curry pork skin ‘chee cheong fun’ in Taman Yulek market. It is still the best thus far… too bad I did not get to eat that many times this round!

Now we are back to reality I guess… more self cooking though I’m so lazy after being pampaered by my mom for the entire month of August. Really have no idea what to cook… but only for 3 weeks and we are off again!

Anyway, we will be back again n October!


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