Big Boy or Small Boy?

Recently I found out that the above ‘Big Boy or Small Boy’ terms I used to talk to Darrius seem to be rather confusing.

Well, for certain things or situations, he is a ‘Big Boy’ but there are also certain things or situations where he is still considered as ‘Small Boy’… in our eyes.

The ‘Big Boy or Small Boy’ confusion started a couple of months ago when I first discovered that I was pregnant with Lil’ Bun. At that time, PiggyBeng was into boomerang making so he bought some materials to start his project. Darrius being the busybody that he is, kept following behind PiggyBeng’s back trying to see what his daddy is doing. Among the materials, was a pair of scissors.

The moment Darrius saw the scissors lying on the floor unattended (PiggyBeng was busy assembling all the cardboards) he took it and had a go at it. He was of course… FASCINATED! He was happily cutting away those odds and ends of the cardboards and was very excited about his new adventure. When I saw him with the pair of scissors, I got mad but like usual, PiggyBeng the ‘spoil market’ parent, told me it is ok to let his son play for a while.

Well, to Darrius there is no ‘a while’. Once he wants to play with something… he will scream and cry if we try taking it away from him. No matter how much or how nicely I told him the particular ‘item’ is not suitable for him to play at the moment. This incident reminded me about Hui Sia’s son (also about using scissors) when he was around Darrius age two years ago.

So, I used the term ‘Small Boy’ for this incident. Well, he is still too young to handle scissors even with one that can only cut papers. Well, you must think it is ok for him to use if we are supervising him but my Darrius is different. Whenever we introduce new things to him and it is something that he can create mischief with… I tried hard not to introduce too early. Therefore, I told him he needs to be a ‘Big Boy’ of 5 years old first before he can use the scissors.

Now that we are in KL, he plays with Adrian and he tends to bully Adrian most of the time. I then told him he is a ‘Big Boy’ now and has to give in to Adrian as he is his ‘di-di’ (little brother). Darrius then asked me:


Darrius: So, I am a ‘Big Boy’ now… can I use scissors?

Me: No. You are not 5 years old yet.

Darrius: But you said I ‘Big Boy’ mah… so can use scissors lor?

Me: 😐


So, you see… the confusion starts here.

I hate to say that I am dumbfounded.  Well… it is not a good feeling being questioned back by a 3.5 years old kid, right? To Darrius, the term ‘Big Boy’ is his benchmark for using the scissors.

Now, how should I tell him?


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0 Responses to Big Boy or Small Boy?

  1. Ryan mami says:

    hahah… same here confusing my boy too with these two terms!

    perhaps telling him big boy when he grows taller or like his elder peers/daddy?? 😛

  2. 2ma says:

    alamak!! darrius caught you red handed! *haha* such a smart boy. can nego with mummy!!

  3. etceteramommy says:

    How about showing him pictures on consequences of not being careful with scissors? Injury, finger cut, blood etc? Maybe can satisfy his curiousity with those paper scissors, those that wont cut fingers, only papers? I know Popular has it…

  4. Paik Ling says:

    I face the same issue. This is what I say. He is a big boy but he needs to be a VERY big boy and have hands as big as daddy’s in order to the bigger boys stuff!

  5. KIttyCat says:

    Use “big brother” when referring to his new status in relation to the baby and use “big boy” when you want to talk about things which are 18-SX or 18-SG for him! 🙂

    I read that calling the child a “big boy” when a little one is on the way is NOT the best way to prepare because in most cases, they’ll revert back to their “baby” behaviour so that they can get Mummy’s attention again.

    For me, whenever Lucas wants anything out-of-bounds, I’ll say he has to be a “big boy” like teenage boys around or like his Papa! And he’ll understand immediately. He’ll also add, “Must drink soup…must eat chai, then grow up big and strong” hahaha

  6. Now im confused too. Aiyo no need to use the big or small boy. Yes is Yes. No is No. Just be strict lah.

  7. rachel says:

    i m in the same situation……sometimes confuses them i reckon.

  8. KIttyCat says:

    Ei…my comment disappeared…anyway, I use ‘Big Boy’ only for things/activities I REALLY don’t want Lucas to touch. And usually it’s ‘big boy’ like Papa or the kor-kors around.

    Dun really use it when talking about the babylah coz I read they’ll revert to ‘baby’ behaviour so they dun like the ‘big boy’ tag. ‘Big brother’ is good though 🙂

  9. Vien says:

    Belle questioned me on the big girl/small girl issue too. I told her scissors are dangerous and she can owwie (yup, that’s the exact word i’ve used) herself. she can only use a kiddy scissors only and only when there is a grown up around helping her. She tends to take reasoning very well..and hasn’t touched the scissors since that talk we had.

    I guess if u give them an alternative option (e.g. kiddy scissors) it helps. But must always drum into them (a million-th times) on safety la. As you know, kids tend to be a bit forgetful or selective hearing.

  10. a-moms-diary says:

    I can so relate to you on the Big/Small terminology. I use them often too with Yiu Yiu and I always think to myself that I’m gonna make her a terribly confused girl 🙂

  11. I think it’s ok to let Darrius use scissors but make sure they’re the ones meant for little kids. They’re not sharp and it’s good to practice his motor skills. That way, you can justify the “big boy” status 😉

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