Disaster struck

Everyday with the two little monsters in the house something bound to happen. Adrian is pretty accident prone and has been getting knocks and falls almost every other day. Darrius on the other hand was luckier as he is bigger and being the bully, he escape most of the time… but he was not so lucky today…

Though he is almost 4 years old but he refused to listen to warnings and always do things his way. I tell you, I almost lose my voice calling out to him each day or shouting at him to stop any disasters from happening. My mom practically has to sit with the cane when the two boys are playing. Both are stubborn and do not heed any advise.

At last, disaster struck…




My mom was giving Adrian a shower in the bathroom and Darrius was monkeying running around trying to disturb Adrian. Then he saw the toilet stool and brought it out to the hall. I was lying down on the sofa when I saw him carrying the stool out and told him immediately to return it to the toilet. He refused and started pushing it instead. Half way through the stool got stuck and it flipped over and Darrius whole body sprung forward and he fell flat on his mouth. I knew right away his tooth will cut his lips and I was right!




The cut on his upper lip was pretty bad. Blood was oozing out and for a moment I panicked! Darrius on the other hand was screaming away in pain. When he saw the blood he cried even louder. I quickly brought him to wash off the blood screaming like a mad woman and screaming at my dad to bring me the medication. I was so worried that I wanted to bring him to the doctor right away but my parents calmed me down saying these sort of cuts will heal very fast.

After cleaning up and applying some Wilson Pure Glycerin on the cuts, the bleeding stopped. Darrius is very much like me I guessed… has very low pain threshold. He continued to cry and demand for attention for the next 30 minutes. He even refused to drink his milk and I have to bribe him with Pocoyo (his new favorite). My mom said I pampered him too much… and that was why he so ‘manja’ when he get hurt.

I hope he learned his lesson this time…




Updated on 19th August 2009


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0 Responses to Disaster struck

  1. ShannonC. says:

    AIYOYO… sakit hati… speedy recovery yeah… auntie shannon sayang…

    p/s: happened to rachel the other time (that reminds me, I hve yet to blogged about it)… and seriously, it healed within the same week…

  2. michelle says:

    Poor boy but no pain he will not learn from his mistake. Hope he will recover soon!

  3. Vien says:

    I agree with Michelle but kids tend to have short term memory. Don’t worry, they heal fast..it happened to Belle last month (and, yea, i didn’t blog about it..hehe). The fastest way to stop bleeding is put sugar on the cut. With sugar kids will stop crying fast too. πŸ˜›

  4. Jenny says:

    Girl, this must be his and your 1st!! ;P Though Lucas is pretty “siew yeh” we’ve encounter many incidents (Yesmin’s included). In any case, it is very very sum tong to see them getting hurt…however, like u said, no matter how much we tell them, it stills goes in one ear, out another side…and like many kids, they will still keep it up after getting hurt.
    My advise to you, in the future, if anyone gets bumps/bruise/bleeding (knock on wood), the 1st thing is to stop the bleeding with clean towel/paper towel/tissue. Once the bleeding is under control get a ice pack and ice the area. It will help prevent blood clotting (the blue blacks that we call get are blood clotting) and a big bump. Many (including my in-laws) misunderstand the use of HEAT in the initial treatment, which will make it worst. So, remember to treat it with ICE first. Heat treatment should be the following day or so (I never use heat treatment b4, so Google that, don’t take my word 100% πŸ˜› ).

  5. Angeleyes says:

    Yeah, the swell went off when I tucked him in late last nite. He even managed to finished his milk which he has been holding for almost an hour.

    I hope he will learn but I doubt it… he will forget after 2 days!

    Thanks for the tips! I’ll try that next time… touch wood! I just hope it won’t happen again!

    I think I panicked this time coz there was a lot of blood… so I totally forgot about the ice treatment. Thanks for reminding me and I’ll use that on the next fall… it will either be Adrian or Darrius since we will be here for another 2 weeks!

  6. Aiyo, that is a terrible fall. Sigh…Naomi also dont listen one..climb here n there…also like to do stunt. Why all kids dont listen ar..?

  7. Paik Ling says:

    Poor baby!!! These things are bound to happen lah, I feel. Especially with boys cos they are so rough in their play. Bryan has had numerous split lips and he STILL doesn’t learn. What to do? Boys will be boys. Like your parents say, these cuts heal very quickly so don’t worry. Hugs to Darrius! Tell him Aunty PL will buy him lollipops again πŸ™‚

  8. khongfamily says:

    Oh dear…hope he is well soon. Boys are naughtier hor? Thankful that your lil bun is a girl? πŸ™‚

  9. etceteramommy says:

    Ouch! The cut on the upper lips look bad eh. Poor boy. Hope he’s still able to eat his food without much discomfort…

    Speedy recovery. *hugs*

  10. rachel says:

    Why boys cannot sit still one huh? Philip sama sama..
    and u r right… after 30 mins or so..they r back to the normal self… no worries, as ur mom put it..the cut will heal fast.. put ice or toothpaste or aloe vera for soothing effect.. take care

  11. Angeline says:

    *heart pain*
    BOTH my boys had such severe cuts too!!!
    So I can imagine how breaking it is for your heart…

    my boys refused to drink milk too… so I gave them straws.
    only then, were they willing…
    for my boys, they took 4 days before they are willing to suck the teat again…

    *huge hugs*

  12. mommibee says:

    aiyoyo poor darrius. dont wori, this superhero boy will get well really quick. Actually my girl had almost identical cut on the same spot as Darrius’ several months back. She tripped and fell on the tiled floor while I played “chase” with her. It was difficult for her to eat anything. But she was back to normal and it healed very quickly. I applied bonjela before trying to feed her porridge to numb the pain. Other than that, we didn’t put any medication.

  13. mommibee says:

    btw same cut as in the upper and lower lips.

  14. jazzmint says:

    whoa…it looks quite deep cut leh…hope he’s better now. But you bet, the next few days he would have forgotten and back to the usual self πŸ™‚

  15. Allisia says:

    Alice, always remember – to stop bleeding, put an ice cube to the bleeding place. It’s help a lot, reduce the pain and bleeding. Then check, if the cut is big go to hospital.

  16. KIttyCat says:

    Aiyo…the cut is pretty bad ya! Ya, an in ice cube will stop the bleeding and and numb the area.

    I had a similar scare too when Lucas had a nose bleed in China – at first I panicked but then he looked at me with big eyes that I calmed down. Luckily, Hubby acted fast and brought over the ice cubes and tissues to mop up the blood.

    Try to keep calm, dear, coz Darrius will pick up the emotional cues from you πŸ™‚

    Pump in a bit more vit C (fruits and juices) and his chubby lips will be back to normal soon ok!

  17. laundryamah says:

    aiyoyoyo…nehmind la…small boy very fast recover n yes sorry he will forget the pain n goes back to normal….

    eh how come when i open ur site ada spyware warning one…apa hal??

  18. Ryan mami says:

    oh my… poor darrius! hope he’s feeling better now.

  19. Yaggya says:

    Am sure its going to heal fast. Even my daughter has a fascination for the toilet stool and i keep telling her that it cant be taken out of the toilet. Darrius, get well soon. Btw, i didnt know u were expecting coz i wasnt blogging for a long time. Many many congrats. Am expecting too.

  20. 2ma says:

    i hope darrius is ok now! u will have to constantly remind darrius about this fall each time he is naughty & not listening 😦

  21. a-moms-diary says:

    With little childrens, bruises and cuts like this are bound to happen. But they are resilient and will forget about them very quickly. And their wounds will heal pretty quickly too.

  22. Oh dear, poor Darrius. No doubt it must have hurt pretty bad but trust me, with boys, that happens a lot. Kids get over such things easily but it’s always the parents who are more terrified. Ha ha…

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