We really want to go…

This morning PiggyBeng messaged me telling that there is a huge surge in A(H1N1) cases in Penang until the hospital is over loaded with patients and all the isolation wards over filled. This is a very scary situation. He said there are many people who are recording high fever in the past few days… especially those in his office. Even one of his relative’s son is recording fever of 40 degree Celciusthe previous few days which is considered as a suspected case.

We are only six weeks away from our vacation and if the situation did not improve by then, we might have to postpone the trip or cancel it altogether. This is because the chances of contracting the virus is extremely high when we are in the plane since we will be ‘contained’ with only recycled air. Thus it is unwise for me to travel… but we really want to go!




Initially PiggyBeng has planned to travel to Melbourne from Perth as he needs to check out some stuff there. He has planned to camp at my cousin’s place since we will not be following. As my cousin has just moved there, she has limited furniture with her so I have intended to get him one of those sleeping bags to be used there. I have even checked out a few online and was extremely attracted to the Vango Ultralite 300 Sleeping Bag by Webtog which is very suitable for the climate in Melbourne. In fact it is the end of summer sale now in Europe and we can get save about 10%. What more, Webtog is offering free shipping across EU.

Just too bad they don’t give free shipping to Asia! If not I would have just purchase it without thinking too much!


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0 Responses to We really want to go…

  1. Allisia says:

    i cancelled my trip to Taiwan too. In the plan for 5 hrs plus, woo… kiasi lang lah.

  2. 2ma says:

    i know its sad & dissappointing. but better be safe than sorry! i was in the midst of planning our year end hols with the boys, but we have decided to wait & see 1st before confirming anything

  3. wen says:

    ya, its not the right time for u and its so diff to make such decision right

  4. Please weight the priority before making the decision to fly. The virus is hitting Malaysia hard this time. You take care.

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