All the cable networks sucks

It is really unfair that we are paying for cable services here but getting worst than substandard quality. The other night while I was trying to purchase some items online, I was being cut off more than 20 times in that 1 hour! Imagine how frustrated I was. I hardly face such problem when I was in Penang but just could not understand why it always happens in KL? It is the same provider… so what actually going on?

Then it was raining on and off here and my poor mom will have her cable TV service being cut off whenever it rained. Sometimes in the middle of the program where she was busy jotting down some recipes. It was so frustrating for her as it happens all the time.

If we ever have to depends on these local services when we are traveling in the wild… I could not imagine what will happen if we are in trouble. Unlike in the Western countries, there are satellite radios services for such occasions.


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