Naughtier by the day…

Darrius is getting naughtier by the day. He is not afraid of me or even my mom now. He will never stop to bully his little cousin. He will bully him or disturb him at every chance he gets. Like last night, I noticed Adrian was sleepy so I told my mom to get him ready for bed. Upon hearing our conversation, Darrius asked me where is his tricycle (he hid it in the room but forgot about it)? I then told him not to ride it as Adrian needs to sleep. He then told me he wants it as he wants to sound the horn… can you guess the manace behind?

He remembered later and brought out the tricycle. He purposely ride to my parents’ room door and sounded the horn. When my mom told him to stop doing it, he will purposely knock his tricycle’s front wheel against the door. When my mom gave him a stare, he rode to the back and sounded the horn again. *sigh*

Then on another days, he will quietly climb up my mom’s kitchen sinks or the basin and play with water when no one was watching. He will splash water on the floor which could pose hazard if he or Adrian slip on it. In fact it will be dangerous for anyone who will pass by that area for that matter!


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