Did I eat too much?

This pregnancy I only lost a total of 3kg in the first 3 months. I slowly gained those kilos back when my morning sickness begins to fade along the 4th month. I regained my appetite when I reach my 5th month which was about 3 weeks back. Now that I am at my parents’ place, I have been eating like a pig and I dare not go on the scale since last week.

I knew I have piled up some kilos over the 2 weeks that I am in KL and since we will be here for another 2 weeks, I know I will continue to eat like there’s no tomorrow… :mrgreen: Mom’s cooking is too good to resist and all those feasting sessions when we eat out… will surely add on the kilos.

My mom warned me to not to add on too much weight or I will have a hard time losing them later. Though I will be breastfeed Lil’ Bun later, I will not know if I will be successful the second time round. Therefore, I will still try other methods to lose weights. Will keep some of those diet pills review that I came across which might be handy in the future.


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