What little brains can come up with…

We came to KL for more than a week now and life has been really hectic! We have 2 very active toddlers here and they certainly drain up our energy chasing after them! Should I be thankful that I’m expecting a girl? :mrgreen:

Well, Darrius is certainly not very friendly when it comes to playing with his little cousin (my nephew). He has been very posessive over his things, be it toys, food or just about anything! We suspected that he is extremely jealous of his cousin since gong-gong and poh-poh showered the little boy with extra attention. He will snatch toys and hides them away from his cousin. Whatever he touches or played before will be his and he won’t allow his cousin brother to play. Yes, he turned into a selfish little brat! 😦 He refused to share… which is what I dreaded.

A few days back, while I was putting him to nap I had a chit-chat session with him on the bed.


Me: Boy, why you always bully Adrian?

Darrius: I don’t want Adrian.

Me: But Adrian can play with you mah? Why you don’t like him?

Darrius: I want baby to drink that milk-milk on the TV and fast-fast grow up and come out and put Adrian into mommy’s tummy. (he watched the Anmum commercial from the TV where images of a baby growing very fast)

Me: Why???

Darrius: I don’t want Adrian to sit on my boot-car (the little 4-wheeler belonging to my nephew)

Me: Speechless 😐


This really surprised me. How a little brain can think of such thing! I am kinda worried now after seeing Darrius behaving this way. Will he treat his little sister the same next time? Though he was pretty positive in the beginning but situation might change when the baby is here.

My mom said the solution will be sending him off to school. However, I wonder will that really helps? He normally gets bullied outside but he is ‘THE KING’ when he’s at home. PiggyBeng has no qualms smacking him but I tried not to be so abusive (like caning) if I can help it.


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0 Responses to What little brains can come up with…

  1. Paik Ling says:

    Think he just needs the attention. It’s normal. I would myself refrain from smacking him. Give him some time.

  2. rachel says:

    congrats…..confirm little sister ya..:)
    he is seeking attention only. so more tlc to him

  3. you know what? Ashley is just like Darrius. She is so possessive over her toys that no one can touch them. She’ll make the younger kids cry when they come and play 😦

  4. 2ma says:

    i guess u will just have to brain wash him bits by bits everyday about his little sister arrival

  5. chinnee says:

    tats prob he has been alone for too long. dont worry, once baby arrives, he will slowly adapt to his newborn. (you can start physco him to be a protective brother by asking “can we give our pretty mei-mei away ah”?) i do this to qiqi a lot. last time she said keep korkor and give didi away. now she loves them both and no longer wanna give anyone away liao.

  6. michelle says:

    Congrats on getting a gal!!!

  7. wen says:

    maybe because u r preggy and children always want mama attention and tend to lau gai like my son did when i was preggy with my girl. prob, jang fah, ppl say

  8. I think sending Darrius to school for that purpose would not be advisable. It’ll make him have the impression that you don’t want him to be around and make matters worse.

    I’d recommend prepping him up by getting him involved, such as letting him feel bb’s kick, getting him to choose the things that you want to purchase for the bb, such as colours/designs, or asking him “You think Mei Mei will like this one or that one better?” Good luck ya.

  9. mumsgather says:

    I agree with immomsdaughter that school is not the answer. Involvement is. You can refer to the baby as “ours” or “his baby”. It reall helps knowing that this is “his” baby too. He will become more naturally protective then.

  10. laundryamah says:

    this is a problem all parents face..even when they grow up to adulthood there’ll still b sibling rivalry! drats…

  11. a-moms-diary says:

    You still have several months to prep him up…and perhaps he’s just extra lau kai because he can sense that he’ll no longer be your only child. YY was extra clingy too throughout my pregnancy, but she’s back to her normal self now, and she simply adores her mei-mei 🙂

  12. Angeline says:

    hmmm… when it comes to the question of bullying, do the ‘put yourself in the shoes of the victim’ explanation usually helps…

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