A trip abroad… at last

It has been 3 years since we went on a trip ‘overseas’ unless you count being in Singapore is considered as going ‘abroad’. 😛

We should have made this trip much earlier (like last year) but due to some ‘paper works’ we has been postponing the intended trip. Anyhow, things has definitely not going according to plan now since we discovered Lil’ Bun so we have to make the trip regardless. Instead, this will be our regular family vacation.

This time we will only be going to Perth though the initial plan was to go Melbourne, Sydney and Perth. Thanks to the A(H1N1) flu pandemic, we really do not have much choice. Bundle with my growing tummy… we can only afford to go to less crowded places. So Perth is the best place we could think off (since PiggyBeng has to use up all his flyer point or they will go into waste). Counting down now… 2 more months to go!

Well, can’t wait for our little R&R trip DownUnder!


About Angeleyes

Daily bites of a full time mom searching for a space to rediscover her potentials in her roles as a mom, wife and an entrepreneur.
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