Can’t blog so watch TV!

Since I can’t stare at the PC for long these days, I have been watching lots of TV instead. Besides accompanying Darrius watching his shows, I have also been watching some movies given by PiggyBeng’s colleagues.

The recent DVD player we bought was pretty good as it has a USB port where we can just slot in a memory card and we get to watch any movies or shows saved inside. It is so convenient. At least Darrius won’t bug me to use the PC if he wanted his shows! 🙂


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Daily bites of a full time mom searching for a space to rediscover her potentials in her roles as a mom, wife and an entrepreneur.
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0 Responses to Can’t blog so watch TV!

  1. Angeline says:

    So staying away from PC doesn’t seem all that bad afterall eh?

    Angelines last blog post..Happy Mothers’ Day

  2. ck lam says:

    Wow… from one tube to the next.

  3. rachel says:

    eheheheh how u celebrated mother’s day? hope its not in front of the tv..

    rachels last blog post..Another Vehicle

  4. KIttyCat says:

    Hahaha I watch TV with Lucas at night too after cooking and eating 🙂

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