Taste buds gone hay-wired!

The last few days my appetite was in a limbo… one day I feel so hungry and could eat almost anything and the next I felt so dreadful. Anything that went in felt like tree bark… some even caused me to almost throw up! Yucks!

Food that used to taste so good but taste horrid now. At one point I need to have my asam laksa fix every day but now the smell of it will make me want to puke. So weird!!! Two days ago I had Milo and that was almost fatal! My entire mouth felt so strange after I finished the whole cup.

Just now PiggyBeng bought me a packet of nasi lemak as I was craving for it last night. While I was enjoying it, it was still ok but once I’m done, the after taste made me fell like puking again! I think my taste buds has gone totally hay-wired! I don’t think I ever need any  natural appetite suppressant when this happen!


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0 Responses to Taste buds gone hay-wired!

  1. Angeline says:

    Ohhh… those unexplainable pregnancies thingy… I know what you mean girl!
    So long as you are still ‘eating’ should be ok… (I think)
    My friend couldn’t eat at all for 2 months!
    Absolutely weird…

    Angelines last blog post..Postage for the ‘talking’ Piggy Banks

  2. rachel says:

    *hugs* do take care lo….
    strange right..before you found out, you didnt had these cravings / taste change ..

    rachels last blog post..I will NOT give up

  3. Jenny says:

    All the fun of being pregnant huh?! LOL. I’m a coffee addict, but when I was pregnant w/ Yesmin, I couldn’t even walk pass Starbucks w/out feeling nauseous! When I was pregnant w/ Lucas, I only wanted salad in 1st trimester, only pork in 2nd, and only chicken in the 3rd!!!! See how weird each pregnancy is?!! Hang in there ~ hopefully when u reach 2nd trimester, he/she will stick to what he/she likes and not be a picky eater lar!!!! ;P hhehehee….

  4. a-moms-diary says:

    Hang in there, hope things will get better in the 2nd trimester.

  5. leeyen says:

    hi alice,

    we are on the same boat lah, u know even the detergent and body shampoo make me feel like vomiting! so i dont apply body shampoo now! 😦

    leeyens last blog post..Kite Flying

  6. elaine says:

    something to remember about each pregnancy as it’s different. just follow yr tastebuds, it’s ok to eat and puke, eat and puke but just make sure enough liquids !

  7. KIttyCat says:

    That was me last two weeks…you just have to experiment and experiment until you find your ‘comfort food’ 🙂

    How are you with liquids? I can’t drink much water…only a bit of very warm water and fresh orange juice.

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