Funny bedtime conversation

The past few nights I have been sleeping early. This means, I went to the room together with Darrius and we spent some time playing, reading and chatting before I tuck him in. I hardly do these before I discovered about my pregnancy as I need to clear some work each night before I sleep so normally PiggyBeng will tuck Darrius in.

Since I am pregnant, I decided to talk about the ‘baby’ with Darrius in the hope to prepare him for the baby’s arrival. here are some funny conversation we had…


Conversation 1

Me: Boy, when baby comes out, baby will sleep with mommy. Ok or not?

Darrius: (Shook his head)

Me: Why?

Darrius: Baby sleeps here (pointing to his bead) and Darrius sleeps with mommy.


Conversation 2

Me: Boy, why you always comes to mommy’s bed?

Darrius: I want to sleep with mommy mah (snuggles up to me)

Me: You have your own bed mah, you sleep on your own bed.

Darrius: I only want to sleep with mommy.

Me: Mommy sleeps with daddy mah and Darrius sleep on your own bed.

Darrius: No, Darrius sleeps with mommy and daddy sleeps on Darrius’s bed.


The whole point was, he still wants to sleep with me though we have been training him all these while to be independent and to sleep on his own. According to PiggyBeng, Darrius must sleeps next to either one of us as he needs to feel us next to him… sense of security perhaps? Every night I have to carry him down to his own bed at least 2 times without fail as he will creep up to me after a few hours. 😐


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0 Responses to Funny bedtime conversation

  1. next time your bed will be 4 person lor…how to sleep ar..?

    Stephanie Koks last blog post..Planning for trips

  2. Jenny says:

    Get KING size bed!!! ;P You gotta prepare for the jealousy issue neh…it’s normal, but we as parents gotta remember THAT. How about telling him that if he wants to go to school, he’ll have to be a big boy and sleeps on his own bed?

  3. Constance says:

    heheh it is hard to get kids to sleep on their own beds… guilty me is facing same thing. the two girls are sleeping with us in our room too…sigh..

    i know everyone says get them started early.. maybe like a special toy with your face..u want to try..hehehe or get a walkie talkie …..

    Constances last blog post..Pizza Saturday

  4. Caroline says:

    so far adrian has not demand to sleep on our bed, may be because we put him in his own cot since he was born, till now 17 months he is fine sleeping in his own cot…. but i heard about the jealousy is really an issue, my fren told me her ways to settle jealousy for eldest son accepting little sis is that the mother bought her son’s favourite toy and put in a small card saying that little sis give to big bro, she give the present to her son right after she delivered her daughter …. she told her son that little sis got this present for bro and love big brother very much, so as big bro must love little sis too.. well according to her, this works well and her little gal is 14 months old now, the big bro is 3 years old ++ now very sayang his sis, no jealousy at all wow…. may be can try try and see 🙂

  5. Angeline says:

    oh girl… treasure these years, when he is still so clingy to you… for boys especially, they will soon stop the snuggling….

    but his actions reminded me of my elder one when I was pregnant with the younger…. he was extra clingy… my mil says kids have special senses, they start jealousy even before their baby sibling is born…. oh well, no prove on that though… but Keatkeat was really clingy during those months…

    Angelines last blog post..Ooops! Ooops again!

  6. michelle says:

    Wow so fast plan for baby sleeping arrangement?

  7. leona says:

    Congrats on yur pregnancy..juz read abt it fr this post.
    Really exciting!
    Yeah Ryan also is the same. I dun think he will ever sleep in another room from us..perhaps maybe 7 or 8 years old only..then so cham… at the moment.. he is afraid of the dark and wants to be with us in the same room.

    leonas last blog post..Curious Mind!

  8. My younger 1 still sleeps with me too. He used to go up the bed to sleep with me in the mid of nite too, so I gave up & is now down at the mattress with him. The thing is I now need him to sleep with me more than him me. Sigh, he’ll outgrow me soon….

    Lil’ Monsters, Inc.s last blog post..Baby No More

  9. a-moms-diary says:

    YY is still sleeping with in the same bed with us, since my bf days coz it was so much easier to just bf lying down instead of having to wake up, pick her up from the cot, and put her down again after every feed. So it has just continued till now. With the new baby, I’d imagine hubby to be sleeping on a mattress on the floor 🙂

  10. Pauline S says:

    I’ve the same problem with my dd too and she is already 4+. Not sure when this will end. She’ll also creep to our bed every night. Thanks God my 2nd dd still in her cot and can’t climb out yet. Let me know if you find a solution on this.

    Pauline Ss last blog post..Where is my car?

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