*I wanna go to school mommy*

This was what Darrius told me just now and we had a pretty amusing conversation after that which I must jot it down before it slips my mind.


Darrius: Mommy, I want to go to that school.

Me: Which school you want to go to?

Darrius: I only want to go that school. (Darrius then point here and there)

Me: Which school is that?

Darrius: The one with the girls one (yikes! so young already wanna go kau-lui???)

Me: Why you want to go to that school?

Darrius: That school nice ma.

Me: What you want to do in that school?

Darrius: Write 123.

Me: After that?

Darrius: Write ABC.

Me: After that?

Darrius: Do colors and shapes.

Me: After doing colors and shapes leh?

Darrius: Eat mum-mum.

Me: After eat mum-mum leh?

Darrius: aaaa… eat chee-cheong-fun

Me: How come eat chee-cheong-fun one leh? (laugh) After that what you’ll do?

Darrius: Play toys!

Me: o_O


Looks like he knows pretty well about the schedule in school wor. I have been playing another Sesame Street VCD for him lately (which he dislike when I first introduced to him) and he was hooked now! He loves the Mr Noodles part where Mr Noodles plays with the kite (that was why he insisted on the kite flying).




Well, it could be a biological clock thing… that he’s ready for school but I still doubt that he is ready when we actually send him to one. He is still very sticky to me… which I think is one thing that he might not like school when he don’t see me around with him in school.

I still have another 8 more months to prep him up…



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0 Responses to *I wanna go to school mommy*

  1. Angeline says:

    before I got to the last paragraph, that was EXACTLY WHAT’S ON MY MIND TOO….*great minds think alike hor* *laugh*

    the big question is “does he know Mommy can’t be there with him????”

    Angelines last blog post..Sons, I’m Sorry, I HATE Your Grandma…

  2. 2ma says:

    guess u can try signing him up for some trial class….let him mingle around and feel how is it like to go to school??

    2mas last blog post..100 Truths About Me!

  3. michelle says:

    Good news for you, send him to school & get more time for yrself.

  4. Jenny says:

    Ya, make sure the times you prep him includes your temporary disappearance! 😉 He might surprise you on the other hand!

  5. sasha says:

    i think he’ll enjoy sch. Especialy the sch with lotsa girls 😉

  6. andrewjune says:

    hi just got here from judy’s blog…
    read about the CICA gel you used before…any idea where you bought it in pg? i would like to by some…

    so nice to see another blogger mummy fr pg!

  7. hahaha.. good answers from Darrius. Bravo!

    Yeap, he is definitely ready for school.

    Malaika’s mummys last blog post..A new change …

  8. whoisbaby says:

    if he is ready to go to school, look and see if you can find like those two days a week to start off with. brandon is doing great without me with him now after the first two days. on the third day, i left and today i left too. sometimes they may be more ready than you think. 🙂

    whoisbabys last blog post..Skipping Heroes yesterday

  9. KIttyCat says:

    I think he’s ready already LOL

  10. Angie says:

    He sounds like he’s ready for school. We’re thinking of sending Evan in a few month’s time and I’ve been telling him that he will be in school alone with no mummy and daddy. I wonder if he really understands. He did repeat the same thing that I told him to his Ah Ma…

    Angies last blog post..Mummy and Baby?

  11. Shooi says:

    Actually school is fun at their age once they got over the separation anxiety.

    Bryan loves his school. Everyday very happy to wake up coz get to go school. Sometimes Saturday i will also take him for the short physical play program (45mins nia la) because he really wants to go.

    Shoois last blog post..Protected: Mou tai chi

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