Chicky Meal comes with Chicky Club

It’s Monday again and like all of those who has to start work today, I am feeling the blues too…  😛 And to cheer myself up, I went for my KFC fix.

Compared to McD, I still prefer KFC as I am not a burger person (unless I’m having  In’N’Out then that’s different) since the burgers here sucks… especially those sold in fast food chains… too dry and most lack the oooommmppphhh factor for sure. Since I patronise KFC so often (at least twice a month), I thought I might as well register for their Chicky Club for Darrius as he will definitely eat with me.

While I was mplacing my order, I asked for the form. Then I asked the lady who was serving me the cost for joining and she told me RM3. I paid for my meal and a Chicky meal for Darrius. After reading the form, I discovered that I could get the membership for free if I have purchased a Chicky Meal (apparently this year is the club’s 15th Anniversary).




I approached the counter staff again but she was ignorant about the free membership so she went to consult the Manager. After a few minutes, they got back to me and I got my card and ‘package’ with a free gift.




The free gift is from Nestle and will be given if your kids provide their email addresses in the form. What Darrius got today was a chocolate bar. As for the ‘package’, there are some discount voucher booklet attached. Not bad lar… since it is FREE. 😛 Another thing I noticed is that the card do not have an expiry date…


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0 Responses to Chicky Meal comes with Chicky Club

  1. Angeline says:

    Welcome to the club! *laugh* As if I was the creator…. *eyes rolled*

    I’ve been with Chicky Club for 4 years now. Over here we need to pay $10 for yearly renewal.
    Same club in different countries have such different rules eh?

    So yours got NO EXPIRY DATE???!
    Lucky you!

    Angelines last blog post..Saturday is Speak Mandarin Day

  2. wen says:

    so jiok sou! ok, maybe i shall go get it when weather is not too hot for kfc

  3. michelle says:

    With the membership, it makes you spend more there…hehehehe

  4. mumsgather says:

    I used to get free ice-cream or chips for my McDonald’s card but now discontinued liao. Maybe will consider this. Hehe.

    mumsgathers last blog post..I can’t stop buying books

  5. a-moms-diary says:

    Do you take beef? If you do, try Wendy’s pounder burger the next time you are in KL…the best among the fast food joints. Their fried chicken is awesome too.

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