Guess who we met up with this time?

This week both Malaysia and Singapore are having their mid year term break so the kids on both countries are having a week of holiday. Well, it has nothing to do with of course since Darrius is not attending school yet.

I’ll have to say this time I finally met one really nice lady and her 2 princesses. If you are a regular reader of this site and this site or this yummy site, you’ll know whom I am talking about. She is a very talented lady and she happens to be my ‘senior’ in university just that we never met! :mrgreen:

Since she was busy with lots of family stuff during the day, we only managed to meet up on the second night which was last Wednesday. Sue was so kind to drive us there as the place we were supposed to meet (Pulau Tikus) always has lack of parking lots.




Look at Sue’s son, Ian… he is such a handsome boy! And behind Darrius is Rae and the one next to Darrius is Lea. Lea has a lovely lock of hair neatly tied up like Rapunzel!  Rae was a very chatty little girl and the boys were having so much fun with the girls in the early half of the meet but went running about after a while. Darrius was the most notorious of the lot! 😐 There was another lady who joined us at the later part but she is not a blogger and I forgot to snap a photo! She has a very cute baby girl.

Can you see the Thomas books and water bottle? Pressies from dear Constance to Darrius. Darrius was so excited with them and I’ll post in my next post what he has done…

Constance, thanks for meeting up and thanks a lot for the pressies you got for Darrius and those cute cuppies you helped me get! 🙂


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0 Responses to Guess who we met up with this time?

  1. wow really great meet up ya…btw, Ian changed hairstyle ar? Darrius hair spiky look… got put hair gel?

    Stephanie Koks last blog post..Day 1: Weaning

  2. Angeline says:

    Now blogging doesn’t only unite the bloggers, but the bloggers’ kids too!!!

    Angelines last blog post..Saturday is Speak Mandarin Day

  3. Constance says:

    ya, i had a great time as well… it was great to let us meet up as bloggers and the kids too can boast their mummies were blogger friends.. time change, no more penpals. lol

    Constances last blog post..My Pink Bakes

  4. rachel says:

    nice meet-up.

    rachels last blog post..My maid

  5. Constance says:

    i posted the pics up with Darrius in it too… 😛

    Constances last blog post..I met some bloggers and PGHK members

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