Life sucks

Sometimes I just cannot comprehend how people think. Though with the economy going spiral down, there are some people who are still refusing business. Yeah read that… Some people reject directly or don’t have the least courtesy to reply a request mail before even considering!

My cupcake blog is suffering from some theme malfunction so I was looking high and low to find a good theme designer to do up a nice one. I scouted the net and was recommended to a few. Found one but she don’t do illustration but since she is charging quite high for WordPress theme I have to KIV her first. Then the search continued.

So I went to a few mommy blogs whom has their theme redesigned earlier and quite like the one done by a lady from our East Coast. Apparently she also did for a few mommy blogs so I decided to send her a mail to ask for her charges. I remembered I read about the rave from this mommy about how nice and kind this lady was so that was why I decided to contact her.

I waited for a week but still no reply so I went to check out her blog as I read earlier she was on vacation. I then dropped her a comment on her latest post but still no reply. Being persistent (since I like her work a lot and that she loves cupcakes) I check out her blog again… and to my dismay, she deleted my comment…

So, does that mean she is not keen to even be polite?

I am willing to pay and give someone business but that someone don’t even bother… Life sucks rite?


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0 Responses to Life sucks

  1. rachel says:

    ooo i think i know who u r referring too… in fact, once i agreed a price with her. then have to be on the q. when my turn (probably 1-2 months), she raised her price. no integrity..but her designs damn nice..

    rachels last blog post..He eats like a ______________

  2. Jenny says:

    Wah, so lan si one!! Apa jadi lar?! Exactly what do u need lar? What’s wrong w/ ur cupcake blog woh?! I dun see anything wrong oso! πŸ˜› R u looking for someone to just do the design or need some computer stuff too one? I have a childhood friend back in Subang, she very artsy one…if u tell me EXACTLY what u looking for (I a bit on the duh-duh side when comes to these stuff, so excuse muah! )…I can ask her if she knows anyone…BTW, she’s on my blog too (The Letter “I”). All the best anyway.

  3. Yeah, what’s wrong with your blog? No need to pong chan people like that lah – can send biz elsewhere πŸ˜› Like no money to pay liddat….cheh…..

    Immomsdaughters last blog post..Weekend Schedule

  4. Elaine says:

    so stuck up one. you still want to give her biz ah?

    Elaines last blog post..Off NS

  5. aiyo…don’t waste time on this people lah. hey, why don’t you check out this site – you may find a cupcake theme you like πŸ˜€

    mommy to chumsys last blog post..The Red Cows

  6. Angeline says:

    oh no!!!!
    some attitude problem there eh??

    now that you posted this up on your blog….hmmm… but you didn’t mention name…. or else I think her reputation will go down the drain….

    Angelines last blog post..Whose Side are You on?

  7. wen says:

    sei lor, it was me who mentioned her ah ??!! damn!! in fact i emailed her b4 asking if she is interested in another design, but she never replied my mail too. now i got someone else to do my header liao. my new header will be up soon… interested u let me know la, we talk more during MSN.

  8. jasmine says:

    so terrible ah!! i tot times are bad, and every customer is king??? guess she must be rich, and too much of biz that she dun need new biz??

    anyway, am sure you can find a much, much better one real soon ya

    jasmines last blog post..Photo Shoot @ The Park

  9. Angeleyes says:


    maybe we should post her big name big big here and shame her hor? Sometimes I thought we give chance to our own people but they always disappoint us… *sigh*


    yalor…. super lan si hor? young girls are like that these days? I was thinking since I am doing biz, I should have something more professional and the current one is having a little tech problems which I don;t know how to solve.


    won’t be bother with people like that… since I already rant it out… I feel better. Tot I give chance to Sabahan… mana tau the out come is liddat….


    of coz not lor… why should I go beg when I am paying?


    Thanks!!! Checked out the site and found some nice themes but not for cupcake blog though…


    If you wanna know it is at nice work but attitude sucks big time!


    yalor… I remembered I asked you when you first had yours done and you posted about it too.


    Yeah, will not ‘pong chan’ such people….

  10. whoisbaby says:

    rant it out so we all know. i also think your cupcake blog is fine. why you want a new theme?

    whoisbabys last blog post..Pre-schools hunting Part 1

  11. michelle says:

    I didn’t know blog design is so demanding. Note to self: KIV for sidelines. Hehehehe

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  13. jazzmint says:

    wow so lcly one meh..and she charge so expensive!!

  14. aquabot says:

    Sometimes you really feel like so very disappointing.

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