A good *lil’ daddy*?

This is a back-dated post…

I was told that at Darrius’s age, he is still unaware of his se*uality so he tends to choose toys that he feel ‘connected’ with in his daily life. Earlier he likes to play with masak-masak (imagination cooking) toys as he wants to cook like me or his daddy. In fact he still do now but much lesser.

Then somewhere around the end of last year, he saw a PINK toy pram/stroller in Toys R Us and insisted to push it around. I was pretty amused then and even put a baby doll on the stroller for him.




And guess what? THAT WAS A MISTAKE! He went on and push the stroller round and round the store for a good 20 minutes! I felt really silly following him! I think some people looked at me with funny stares! The worst part was, he refused to leave without the stroller! And each and every time we visit TRUS, he will ask for the stroller and I was glad the staff has tied all the strollers so I can give the excuse to Darrius.

I was thinking to myself that since Darrius likes to play with this stroller and doll so much I decided to ask my MIL about the one her other granddaughter has in the house here. Luckily she has not dumped it…




Now that he can play at home, he has in a way stopped asking for the PINK stroller when we went into TRUS now. Phew! And luckily the one at home is not PINK! hehehehe

Sometimes I will ask him ‘How is your baby?’ and he will reply me ‘Baby is sleeping’. Don’t he looks like a cute lil’ daddy? πŸ˜› And yes, he is still playing with the stroller and the ‘baby’ now… or everyday for that matter.

Hopefully when he grows up, he will play with those linear motion stuff and not girly stuff! Or else, that will be mommy’s greatest fear! 😐

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0 Responses to A good *lil’ daddy*?

  1. lemonjude says:

    haha, he was so cute there pushing stroller….hopefully he was not on long loving for those girly toys…faster put him more on cars or Thomas train?

    lemonjudes last blog post..4th Wedding Anniversary & Birthday

  2. jasmine says:

    alamak, shan leo also have the same problem. he was in love with barbie!!! and he insisted to buy one and comb barbie’s hair everyday!! and today, he is into hannah montana (thanks to his cousin sis)! i do hope that he will outgrow all that and do all the boys stuffs! *hehe*

    jasmines last blog post..Coconut Tree

  3. ooo…he does look so cute!!!! did he name the baby he is pushing in the stroller?

    mommy to chumsys last blog post..Oh my poor back 😦

  4. allisia says:

    never mind woh… at least he learn the term “caring” which usually boy never learn. My Yang loves Barbie doll. But allow to play when my mum or FILnot around or they will nag nag nag… boy can’t play doll!

    allisias last blog post..Handy Mandy

  5. hahahahaha…Naomi pulak the opposite…she likes to climb n hike! not really into girly stuff. got my gene i guess…

    Stephanie Koks last blog post..Family Vacation #1:Day 1-Langkawi, Malaysia

  6. Constance says:

    hey i think kids just like the idea of ‘pushing’ things around.. why not look for a wheel barrow for him instead. at least that is somewhat more masculine. let him put all his tools, or toy trains and cars in there. would be a good practise for him to pick up being handy man…

    Constances last blog post..Yayy for Night Polyclinics

  7. KIttyCat says:

    No worries ler…good for boys to learn how to care. I think Darrius is ready to be a big kor-kor LOL

    Lucas *loves* to watch babies on TV too! And don’t let go near a toy stove – he’ll start cooking like Mummy πŸ˜‰

    KIttyCats last blog post..Where’s my diamond ring?

  8. HN says:

    Don’t worry mommy, this shows that he is such a sweet and caring boy πŸ™‚ Or is it time to get him a lil sister??? Hehe.

    HNs last blog post..&#9829 When Cupid's Getting Naugthy …&#9829 (Part II)

  9. Binky says:

    Mommy, don’t fear – he’s learning about responsibility and taking care of kids or siblings *hint, hint*!

    I think he may be initially fascinated by the wheels – Ian pushes our friend’s play stroller too. That’s why he doesn’t care abt PINK correr!

    Binkys last blog post..Welcome, spring!

  10. cute lil’ daddy…actually quite fun pushing a stroller.

    mommy of 3 angelss last blog post..baby progress

  11. Annie Q says:

    hahhaha, u know what, Cruz also into “pink”! Anything to do with pink. *faint*

    Annie Qs last blog post..Homework Part II

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