Cost play

Not sure if any of you heard about this ‘cost play’ thing before but I have been reading quite a bit about it from some tabloid papers in the last few years. Initially I have no idea what it was until I read about them and then saw some Taiwanese programs which talked about such events are catching up in Asia especially in Taiwan and Japan.

However, I can’t be sure if young kids (mostly teenagers) dressing up in all those funny costumes is a good thing and since it is not like a Halloween event which is purely for fun once a year. I even saw some boys in school girl costumes which really blew my head off! 😛

I just hope such trend won’t be successful here or we will start seeing funny people dressed up in funny cloths walking on the streets!


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  1. elwi says:

    It wont be successfull in Indonesia because we have silly “undang undang anti pornografi.” *sight*

    elwis last blog post..BPA Free MIlk Bottle

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