Best Mom Award

Thanks to Judy for giving me this award. I hardly think myself as one of the ‘Best Mom’ around since I always scream and yell at Darrius. :mrgreen:




The rules:
1. Show the award logo in your post.
2. Pick a picture you have with your kiddo(s).
3. Post should include your best experience as a Mom.
3. Nominate other blogger mom’s out there that you consider the best mom, like yourself.




What are the best experiences as Mommy to Darrius…

Darrius has been my source of inspiration as I wanted nothing but the best for him. For his sake, I successfully breastfeed him for 18 months. For him I took up driving again. For him I sacrifice my beauty sleep and Korean dramas so I could write reviews and sell cupcakes in order to get extra $$ to splurge on him. For him I have every reason to go to sale. For him, I started packing bento. For his sake I started this blog! 😛

With that I got to know all of you, the beautiful people out there! 😉

Ok, I wished to tag some mommies but looking at the award again, I think all of those mommies who come by here should consider themselves as Best Mommy too! So, please pick this award if you feel you are one of these ‘Best Mommies’!


About Angeleyes

Daily bites of a full time mom searching for a space to rediscover her potentials in her roles as a mom, wife and an entrepreneur.
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0 Responses to Best Mom Award

  1. lemonjude says:

    Thanks for putting this up…you are such a great mummy.

    Sometimes I also think that kids really give us the greatest motivation…I’m also taking up driving lately after scare for so many years…also sometimes things we can’t imagine we can do, but we can because of them.

    lemonjudes last blog post..^ Longing for family vacation

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