When time is bad, gold is best!

I was chatting with my mother in law one day talking about where to keep her money since she no longer trust the ‘bank that never sleep’. She withdrew all her fixed deposit from that bank and was wondering if she should use those monies to buy foreign notes and keep in the safe deposit box or invest in gold… In fact she used to do the latter last time.

Then I told her that when time is bad, most people will invest in gold or buying gold bars to keep since the value of gold has been appreciating and its value seldom fluctuate. Guess what she says? She asked ‘What if some jokers go rob the bank and take out all those safe deposit boxes?’ eerrr….

Well, it is nothing new. Cases like this is pretty common these days. The last case I heard of was one of the branch in Hong Kong which belong to one of the biggest banks in Singapore.

If no where is safe… why don’t we use all the monies and buy those Discount Jewelry to wear before we die? 😛 If we could not own something forever, it is good enough to have at least owned it before mah!


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  1. jasmine says:

    talking abt banks safe deposits kena rob…it happened to my family more than 10 years ago. my parents and aunt have a safe deposit box in one of the local bank in the neighbourhood, and the robbers drill a hole on the wall to enter the safe deposits area over the long festive weekend!! in the end, all the stuffs in the safe deposits are gone!!!

    i cam’t remember if the bank compensate us??

    jasmines last blog post..Incy Wincy Spider

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