No more trips to Brazil

Every year PiggyBeng will travels to Brazil at least 2 times but he has not been going since his last trip early last year. In fact it has almost been a year now. Though he said there might be a trip in April but very unlikely it will materialize since the economy is hitting rock bottom.

The fondant which I have been using for my cupcakes was bought by PiggyBeng when he went on transits in Chicago every time he flies to Brazil. They are running out soon so probably I will either have to spend more money to get it locally or go bug some friends to get for me in the States.

Actually, there is good and bad that PiggyBeng don’t have to travel so often now so he can spend more time at home with us, especially with Darrius.  Also, I don’t have to worry about his safety when he is abroad. At least now I don’t have to keep reminding him to keep at least one contact of the Chicago injury lawyer. It is a good practice to keep some important numbers when we are traveling.


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