A Movie Weekend

After weeks if not months, Penang has been experiencing one of the hottest seasons with hardly a single drop of rain. Our room up stairs ever recorded a whooping 37 degree Celsius on a few occasions. Poor Darrius will get all wet from his sweat all the time whenever he fell asleep on the sofa down stairs.

However, we noticed the sudden wind of change the past 2 days… which is definitely a piece of good news. We finally get rains! In fact it was raining heavily last night and this evening. We throughly enjoyed the cool weather.

We did went out yesterday and today for Darrius’s sake. He just can’t stay home and will ask us to go kai-kai all the time! We popped by Queenbay Mall yesterday and Sunshine Mall today.

After all the shopping trips, we will relax and chill up with the a/c on which catching up on all the movies which I have not been able to watch since I am always so busy with blogging work. 😛 Therefore, PiggyBeng decided to play some movies that sure to catch my attention!

Last night we watched ‘The Perfect Man’ which was acted by Heather Locklear. This was a really funny movie about a single mom who kept moving from place to place with her 2 daughters every time she failed in a relationship. This show actually touched on how  people will go the extra length just to find love. The show was shot in Brooklyn, New York… a place we are contemplating for our next vacation actually. There wasn’t any takes on the airport so did not managed to see if they uses the LaGuardia Airport transportation.

Then we watched P.S. I Love You. Oh! What a moving story! Too bad PiggyBeng fell asleep since it was such a mushy movie! Half way through he woke up and told me that this was a ‘movie for the ladies’…. MEN! Why can’t all men watch mushy movies with their wives or girlfriends huh??? I should have married an Irish guy! 😛 Wacth the show if you want to know what I mean!

My eyes can barely open now… so guess I better go sleep soon!


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0 Responses to A Movie Weekend

  1. jasmine says:

    i hardly watch movies. if i hv time to spare, i will usually watch hk dramas…hehe

    too much previews in astro *hehe*

  2. Irene says:

    i love PS, I Love You! i love that book & the movie 🙂
    chic flick & men doesn’t roll together… haha!

    Irenes last blog post..@#&*%@%^#

  3. Wow!~ so great to watch movie!~

    lil prince’s mums last blog post..Alphabet Pasta

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