Has TGIF Penang closed shop?

I was in Queensbay Mall on Wednesday and I noticed the place is unusually quiet even though it was near lunch time. The shopping scene in KL and Penang is in such huge contrast! Last Tuesday when I was in Mid Valley for lunch we can’t even find a parking lot even after going round and round for almost 20 mins!!!

The first thing I noticed when I make my rounds was that TGIF was closed. I looked at their opening hours on the wall outside and it stated there the opening hours on weekdays is 11am and it was already noon and the shutter was still closed. I peeped inside and I don’t see anyone inside either.

Feeling puzzled, I walked on and I saw the other cafe, Mercedonia, which was located at the entrance to the mall has been sealed up… Looks like Mercedonia received their fate earlier than expected.

I also noticed a few shops has closed down but can’t recall which since they are not those prominent ones.

The only place that was filled up to the brim was McD. They are having the knocked down price for some of their meals (RM5.95 for selected meals) and thus all the office workers were flocking in…

Can’t deny now… TIMES ARE BAD!

Hope folks in Penang can weather the storm…


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0 Responses to Has TGIF Penang closed shop?

  1. oh..that’s really sad. just the other day, we went to Lot 10, KL plaza and were surprised that most shops have closed down.

    mommy to chumsys last blog post..Greatness Of A Hero Episode 9

  2. FamilyFirst says:

    Mid Valley Megamall is pretty recession-proof! Still going strong, but abit “weaker” that it was before. Those days, need an hour to get into the carpark, let alone find a spot to park!

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