hApPy bIrtHdAy gOng-GOng!!!


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0 Responses to hApPy bIrtHdAy gOng-GOng!!!

  1. Angeline says:

    Aiyo!!! *Bear Hug*
    Soooooo adorable!
    I love the way he say “Gong Gong”… *heart melt*

    Angelines last blog post..Bin’s Passion

  2. whoisbaby says:

    wah so good boy … singing very cleary to wish gong gong birthday … gong gong sure happy smile until no see eyes.

    whoisbabys last blog post..Steam Tilapia

  3. FamilyFirst says:

    Must post up pics of gong-gong in tears of joy!

  4. beingMRS says:

    LOL… so cute… sure melt gonggong’s heart πŸ˜€

  5. Wow!~ so geng~~~~ πŸ˜‰

    lil prince’s mums last blog post..Fishy Biscuit

  6. laundryamah says:

    ayooo so the cute! i’m sure gong gong’s heart melted ledi..

    laundryamahs last blog post..Random conversation

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