Picasso in the making?

Last month Darrius has this sudden urge to draw/scribble. Though he used to doodle here and there but it was always meaningless circles, dots, lines or just plain vandal. Since his previous mini easel was broken we did not get him a new one simply because I wanted to get him the Ikea easel if we ever going to get an easel.

Before our trip to KL, he has demonstrated his keenness in drawing. Since I have this ‘art’ blood in me, I felt that if Darrius can really pick up drawing or have interest in art, I should give him all the encouragement he will need. I can’t deny the rising of the next Picasso can I? 😛

His sketches of his favorite car… complete with windows and wheels!




A sketch of the One eye monster from Monster Inc. which is one of his favorite show at the moment.




And with his newly acquired easel from Ikea….




Bought him that cute chair too which I did not intend to get initially as I was afraid that PiggyBeng will nag me. However, he did not scold or nag me and even asked why I never get the table too???!!! Arrgghhh!!! I should have bought the table ah!!! So, who is coming to Penang soon? Help me get the table can? 😛


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0 Responses to Picasso in the making?

  1. jasmine says:

    we 1st discovered shan leo’s interest in drawing when mummy introduced the magnetic drawing board to him. he has outgrow drawing on the magnetic drawing board, and prefers paper & pens now.

    have fun darrius!

  2. shoppingmum says:

    I like that easel. May I know if it’s expensive? I saw one here, but it’s very costly to get 2 for my kids.

    I bought it for RM99. It has 2 sides (one for markers and one for chalks).
    You can get one and put papers on both sides so your kids can use one
    side each. 🙂 I bought and cut some mahjong papers as the paper roll they
    were selling was quite costly… 30m for RM20

  3. Angeline says:

    hey I like the one-eye monster!!! Very cute!
    and Woah! look at the pro in front of his easel! *wink*

  4. whoisbaby says:

    how much is mahjong paper? i buy the roll from ikea as we can’t get mahjong paper here. i think it is selling $6.99/roll here … might went up in price now. so far since I owned the easel (more than a year?), we just started the 2nd roll recently. usually i use both side, a bit trouble to turn the side, but it is much better than to just waste it.

    whoisbabys last blog post..Steam Tilapia

  5. Angeleyes says:

    The mahjong paper is RM0.50 each so I cut into half. The size (width) is about the same as the roll (which don’t fit the entire board) from Ikea and it is about a meter long. To join 2 pcs together, you’ll get 2 meters and I let Darrius draws on both side since it is quite thick… after all he only doodles so no point waste it like you said.

  6. Can go swipe that new card for the table lor….

    Immomsdaughters last blog post..Wordless Wednesday

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