Nightmare in Ikea

We went to Ikea this afternoon as I wanted to get Darrius the easel which I have promised him before we came to KL since he has been insisting to write on my MIL’s white board in Penang. PiggyBeng (in Jakarta now) was against the idea so I have to get it when he’s away… :mrgreen:

As today is a working day, we have to bring my nephew along since my mom is baby sitting him during the weekdays.  So far we have brought him out once last week together with PiggyBeng but today only my parents and myself handling 2 kids. Guess what? BIG MISTAKE!

The moment we got off the car, my nephew insisted that my dad carry him. He refused to sit in his stroller… but we managed to keep him in his stroller till we reach Ikea’s cafeteria. At first he was ok when I placed him at the kid area watching TV still in his stroller while Darrius play by himself and my parents went to order food. Then we were seated and I thought I get him the high chair so he can dine together with us. He refused upon seeing my dad walking up and down (getting the coffee) and started to cry and wanted to be carried by my dad.

After a few minutes, my dad has to give up eating as my nephew started to cry louder and wanted to get off the stroller so no choice my mom has to take him out. My dad then let him play at the kid area and he was happy for a while so dad quickly finished up his meal (he only wants my dad to carry him therefore, there’s nothing much my mom and I can do).

Then this mommy came to join us so we chatted for a while. Kimberly was not feeling too well so they left after Christene finished her lunch and we proceed to shop in Ikea. We thought my nephew was tired from all the kicking and crying earlier so dad tried to pat him to sleep but he woke up once my dad tried placing him back into the stroller! Jialat!

Then we went to Market Hall and Darrius saw the kid trolley and insisted to push one. When my nephew saw that he also wanted to to push but we knew it will not be a good idea so we took the big trolley and put him in. He protested but luckily we managed to pacify him and he sat inside after a few moments. *phew~*

However, it was not a smooth ride… along the way while we tried to shop he climbed up the trolley (he is only 1+ but he knows how to slip his toes through the trolley and climb up!!!!). So scarry!!!!

When we reached the check-out counter, it was Darrius’s turn. He refused to park his kiddy trolley and started to cry very loud. I think most people standing in the queue were looking at us… *so embarrassing!!!!* I tried to reason with him that he can’t push the trolley out and after 10 minutes (after asking some passerbys to ‘help’ telling him that he can’t push the trolley out) only then he was ok… *phew~*

That was almost 4pm+ which was way past the nap time for both but the two fellas still refused to sleep! Then we has to go Tesco to get some stuff and only then Darrius fell asleep while I was paying but woke up when we reached the car. Even during the ride home both refused to sleep.

At the end both did not have their nap!

It was a nightmare for us so we vowed not to bring the two fellas out together again! Not now… probably when they are much older…


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0 Responses to Nightmare in Ikea

  1. Allisia says:

    hehe… this is the life of a mother who have more than 1 kid! Enjoy!

    Allisias last blog post..Sunset

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  3. whoisbaby says:

    some days are better than others. brandon has a favorite toy which he takes out everytime we go out. most of the time he sits quietly in his stroller and plays with his helicopter. but some days, he just doesn’t want to sit down and wants to run around.

  4. imagine, if ever the nephew is your own child, u have 2 kids…both also cranky at the same time….gila man, btw..i got your email n ph no but sorry not manage to meet up…anyway u always come to KL ma…so we meet another time lah ya 🙂

  5. mumsgather says:

    Mine is past the stroller stage but now they are into the running stage. As soon as we reach the malls, off they go! Aiyoyo.

    mumsgathers last blog post..Help! I am so forgetful!

  6. Annie Q says:

    hahhahah, not easy to shop with two toddles in a tow lei, very challenging. 😛

    Annie Qs last blog post..Chinese New Year Picnic and mummies meet up

  7. Hehehe….challenging hor? Mine’s like MG’s Kids. Now F1 sprinters in shopping complexes 😛

    Immomsdaughters last blog post..Mommy Bloggers Mini Gathering

  8. sting says:

    sounds like my kid too… refused the stroller when we are at the mall! either we carry him or he’ll run everywhere! and he won’t wanna hold hands… the only other alternative is the shopping carts.. for now :-S

    stings last blog post..Are We There Yet?

  9. Lovelymummy says:

    really not easy to go shopping with kids, even one. I hardly chase my boy once he step in the shopping mall each time…sweating..

  10. Ryan mami says:

    You know I was in your dad’s position when we’re in HK! Ryan behaved like that and only wanted me, me,me!! The scariest part was during meal times… didn’t get to enjoy the food at all! Got to wallop the food asap and then get him out and walk about! Otherwise, he would ransack the things on the table, banging the table with the utensils and fussed in order to get down to roam around!

  11. KIttyCat says:

    Hahaha…give you experience of handling 2 kids lor! But your nephew quite gung-ho also eh?

    I was seeing one of my friend’s 2 year old boy and wonder if I can handle two kids myself too 😛

    Enjoy your time in KL…I miss Malaysia so much!!!

    Cough, cough, sniff, sniff

  12. sasha says:

    haha thats why mom with 2 kiddos or more hardly go out anymore

  13. Well, at least you got the easel you came for…(I hope!!)

  14. laundryamah says:

    ayo yo yo…kelam kabutnya…dat’s y didn’t hv time to take photos hor??

    laundryamahs last blog post..Langkawi Escapade 1

  15. Angeline says:

    it seems that your nephew and Darrius age gap is very similar to my 2 boys. Are they 16months apart?

    I don’t remember bringing them out often during that age cos’ I foresee such potential problems…. but I DO NOT remember having such awkward moments when I do too…

    I can COMPLETELY understand what you felt!!!

    One other question, I’m curious, why PiggyBeng is against the idea of getting the easel?

    Angelines last blog post..Song Sharing Sunday

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