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Book Review: Irreplaceable

It has been ages since I last read a novel. Then I was sent a copy of Stephen Lovely’s debut novel, Irreplaceable and I must confess I was hooked once again like a teenage girl reading romance novels! Irreplaceable is … Continue reading

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Turning into a beauty freak…

Well, more like a beauty products freak! The last 3 months I have been on a shopping spree actually… and they are not stuff for Darrius… for once! Elina was telling me that I should pamper myself with all the … Continue reading

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Blog diarrhea

Ok, there are an influx of posts today as I discovered some additional paid posts offered to me. I am trying to finish them up as some have very limited time frame for me to work on. However, I would … Continue reading

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Cost play

Not sure if any of you heard about this ‘cost play’ thing before but I have been reading quite a bit about it from some tabloid papers in the last few years. Initially I have no idea what it was … Continue reading

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Rainy season is here again…

I am glad that we are having more rain now after having hot weather for months! At least I don’t have to water the plant (yeah, due to the plants high mortality rate, PiggyBeng decided to shift all our potted … Continue reading

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*Like daddy liddat*

Just before I forget, I want to jot this funny thing down. Of late, Darrius loves to do things we do or more precise, like what PiggyBeng is doing! Every time I asked him why he do certain things he … Continue reading

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Best Mom Award

Thanks to Judy for giving me this award. I hardly think myself as one of the ‘Best Mom’ around since I always scream and yell at Darrius.     The rules: 1. Show the award logo in your post. 2. … Continue reading

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