Reunion Dinner & CNY Day 1

This year we had our reunion dinner back in my hometown near Ipoh, a small town name Tanjung Tualang. 30 years ago, this town will be bustling with festive mood during CNY with bright tungsten lights lighting up shops and houses but now you won’t beable to spot any. Instead of bright lights, now there are scores of lighted signboards offering seafood and other delicacies.You must be wondering why in the middle of nowhere, there are scores of seafood restaurants mushrooming?

Well, after the ’80s, this place practically ‘die-ed’ with most youngsters leaving this once  popular mining town to other big cities as the price of tin ore (bijih timah) has dropped drastically leaving many people jobless.

Then somewhere in the ’90s, something unexpectedly brought life back to this town. All thanks to these…




From what I understood, people started farming these so called big-head prawns which has become a delicacies among foodies coming from wide and far. Last time when my grandma is still alive, she will buy a few kgs of these prawns and cook for reunion dinner or other festive celebrations we have. I have been eating these prawns since I could remember so it was nothing new until 15 years ago when a few of the restaurants started to promote these prawns to tourists. Business have been booming since then on with tour agencies bringing droves of tourists for a 1 Day Makan-makan trip.

This time we had our reunion dinner at Luen Fong, one of the most popular restaurant there with the oldest history. The owner was a close friend of my granparents and today the kids had taken over the business. In fact this is the place we normally have our reunion dinner since the day my grandma retired from cooking for reunion dinner. 😛 They used to serve one of the best dim sum before they converted to seafood business.




This is also my first time having reunion dinner here after my wedding but the food is more or less the same with all the past years though…




For some periods of my life I was unable to take those big head prawns (not sure if its the prawns or the ingredients used) as I will develop severe allergy reaction within hours of consumption which can be quite serious. There was one year I had to be admitted to the hospital after we made our new year prayers. Because of that, I have stopped taking dishes which contained prawns for a few years.

The best dishes are still the prawn dishes especially the one with the black bean sauce… though I also like the one steamed with cooking wine. And another of the recommended dish is their fried rice which used to be really good.




After dinner, I brought out my Chinese New Year theme cupcakes specially made for all my relatives. And guess who was the one enjoying it most?



I like these fishies….


We finished around 9.30pm and we have to wait till 10.30pm before we could move over  to the temple for prayers. While waiting, some of my cousins started the other form of ‘festive mood’… gambling! And that night we have a very young player…



Do I have the gambler face?


As this year is the year of OX, I need to go and pay my ‘tai-shui’ (太岁) at the temple. I know nuts about these stuff but my MIL and my mom has been telling me about all the blah… blah… blah… so I just have to go settle it. Then it was ang-powsgiving time… and that ended our CNY’s eve.

The next morning we have to go and visit my maternal grandmother togetehr with my parents who is residing in another small town, Lunas which is pretty near to Kulim. Apparently this place is famous for its roasted ducks but we have yet to try any…

Lunch was a simple affair which my uncle and his wife whipped up together with steamboat… another standard dish most Hokkiens do during CNY. This year my uncle cooked rice wine chicken which was absolutely yum! 🙂




This year we got to met one of my cousin which I have not seen for a very long time or even never really met! 😛 His mother, whom was my mom’s second eldest sister, has passed away long time ago. She was married to an Indian man. Other than that, we did not get to meet other relatives as they did not turn up while we were there.

Everything went well until we are almost home… we were trapped in the traffic jam for 2 hours!!!! Curse the stewpig bridge and the ferries!


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0 Responses to Reunion Dinner & CNY Day 1

  1. ck lam says:

    You do have sumptuous CNY meals…I am drooling over the food as I am sending this to you.
    I think I need to visit Tanjung Tualang again but this time will be to Luen Fong.

  2. the food looks super yummy.

    Happy Moo year to you and your family.

    Malaika’s mummys last blog post..33 months old

  3. constance says:

    wow look at the prawns make me drool.. .love prawns

    constances last blog post..Lor Bak Penang Style

  4. jasmine says:

    wow, yummy food!!! makes me droll ler…. *slurp, slurp* hehe

    jasmines last blog post..Reunion Dinner

  5. Angeline says:

    boy boy looks soooo different… could it be the haircut?
    my elder one also needs to go bai “Tai-Sui”, but we didn’t….

    those big head prawns are really HUGE!!!

    Angelines last blog post..DOs & DON’Ts of CNY

  6. laundryamah says:

    wow the food looks great…making me hungry leow..

    laundryamahs last blog post..CNY Shopping Part 4

  7. a-moms-diary says:

    The food looks good. We used to go to Tg Tualang for seafood too when dad was around. It’s been a long time since we last went.

    a-moms-diarys last blog post..My new camera…

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  10. Chin Chee Ping says:

    You have got the best choice in selecting your prawn feast in Tanjong Tualang. Luen Fong’s history dated back to 80 years ago when it was started by the present owner’s grand parent.
    The present owner, Choong ( We affectionately call him Lou Choong) is one my my primary schoolmates. ( SJKC Thong Hon) .
    The only Chinese school in Tanjong Tualang. You won’t miss it as you are entering Tanjong Tualang on your left. All my family members inclusive of my parents received their Chinese education in this school.

    When we were kid, there were only three restaurants namely Luen Fong, Sun Mee Fong and Kong Kee, but it has mushroomed to 11 now. These are the three restaurants we got a chance to see those Hong Kong celebrities having their meal here 40 years ago when we were still young school kids.
    The prawns then are too expensive for us local kids.

    Of all the restaurants, Luen Fong served the best Chillies which is the most important ingredient when having prawns. The best size to choose from is the medium one and not the Giant Prawn. The medium one is tender and crunchy whereas, the Giant ( Tai Tou as called by most people) is heavy ( Shell is heavy) and tough. Most of the restaurants here will recommend you the Tai Tou ( Oversize ) Prawn as the only local know what to select. Ask for the medium ( Chong Har ) prawn if you happen to visit this Prawn Town again.

    The next delicious fish I would like to recommend to you is the ‘Lum Kor Yee ‘ or in KL we call it ‘ Soon Hock ‘. To me, this is the best fish as compared to all the good fishes I have ever eaten. The meat is layered , tender and crunchy. The price in Tanjong Tualang is very reasonable as compared to Ipoh and KL.

    Do not forget to order the Fried Rice which is also my favourite. This is the only restaurant left in the country that fry rice using rubber wood as its energy source. It is just like those smoked meat. It helps to bring out its special aroma using rubber wood as compared to using LPG.

    This is my ‘Must Visit’ destination whenever I am back to Ipoh to visit my parent.

    I feel so proud that my hometown has become a tourist attraction now .

    Chin , USJ Subang Jaya.

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