Happy Niu Year???

From most of the news clippings I read in the past days leading to the Lunar New Year, they (those Feng Shui Masters) said that this year of the OX will be very favorable to those born in the year of OX. Since I am born under this sign, no matter what I still have to believe a little mah!

Well, tell me if I am truly lucky…

Just a day before the eve of CNY, it was a scorching hot day here on this tiny island… well, the weather was always like that here and this year is no exception. I was busy as my MIL was fussing around saying the house was not clean enough (she never fret if it is not CNY and she don’t clean the house if it is not CNY too). Therefore, I was dragged to clean those places (stress like these are better than the best diet pills!!) which I have already cleaned long before but the dust don’t seems to go away… After which, I have to continue my baking project as I was supposed to bake some cupcakes for our reunion dinner in Ipoh which I had estimated to be completed before the end of the day (with all the decors up).

And you know what? Fate took a cruel twist…

Since it is CNY, we ‘REALLY’ stock up. Our fridge was filled to the brim with no breathing space… practically. Thanks to my MIL who always buy extra stuff as she has forgotten that she has already bought them like weeks ago and continue to stuff the fridge… our fridge was one of those 320 liters ones so you can imagine. Then my kiasu PiggyBeng also went and stock up on his beloved fish fillets and pork ribs (yeah he is extremely kiamsiap kiasu) which he felt the price will be jacked up during CNY and that ultimately filled up the freezer too.

Then in the afternoon, he wanted to cook some curry fish head so he went to dig the fish head out and everything started to fall out! And in anger he chuck the packets of fish and pork back into the tiny freezer, there was a load crack sound. PiggyBeng broke something… which he did not realized at first.

Then I wanted to get some ice out from the freezer and I could see water droplets building up… which means the air is no longer cold and all the ice are melting too! Red alert!! We can’t afford to have our fridge to break down so close to CNY!!! At that time it was already close to 4pm! Being a Saturday, I was very worried that if we can’t get the fridge fix on the spot, all our stuff will go bad and if we want to get a new one, will they deliver to us within hours of purchase so that we can still salvage all our raw food?

I tell you… my face was as black as the black beans that instant! 😦 Knowing that I was already so tired and my cupcake project was half way done and taking time off to search for a new fridge will eat into my time… I was cursing.. 😐

So, we still went ahead to hunt for a fridge since we knew we won’t be able to fix it soon enough and this could be a good chance to get a bigger fridge… Yeah! (In actual fact, I was feeling a little jubilant inside) 😛 We went straight to Far Lim as there were a few electrical shops. On the way, my kiamsiap PiggyBeng was reluctant to get a bigger fridge as he complaint that if we do get a bigger one we I will continue to stuff the fridge too.

Then after inspecting 4 shops and looking at all the available models and compared the sizes and the prices we finally decided to get this….




According to the salesman, this is one of SHARP’s latest model and the doors are made of stainless steel. The price tag… RM2100 for a 480 liters after all the discounts and blah… blah.. blah. PiggyBeng did not budgeted that much (he was only willing to part less than RM1800). Then I told him that only a few hundred difference and we can get a better and bigger one and at the end what actually sell was that this model is energy saving… which means in the long run we spend lesser for our electrical bills…. something which we yet to find out though…

The only disadvantage is, we won’t be able to have a brand new one since they have already closed their store and if we want immediate delivery, we have to take the display unit. OK, beggar can’t be chooser right??? Even though we have to pay that amount of $$$. Anyway, we were thankful that we can have the fridge within 2 hours of our purchase. *phew*

So, tell me, am I having a unlucky or lucky streak?

Oh yeah, we bought from LSS (a local establishment) and they always have some kind of lucky draw once or twice a year at their warehouse in Batu Maung. Who knows if we could win something from the draw later hor? 😛

Last but not least…

Wishing all RamblingMoo.com’s readers a…


Happy and Prosperous Niu Year!



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0 Responses to Happy Niu Year???

  1. Jenny says:

    I think it’s your lucky streak in disguise. Thanks to all those unexpected events that happened, you got a BIGGER fridge mah!!! 😉

  2. rachel says:

    i would panic if my fridge broke down…

    glad that things turn out well for u. happy moo-moo year.

    rachels last blog post..He Was Ready..

  3. My motto is always “the bigger the better!” — for fridges la!

  4. a-moms-diary says:

    First time posting a comment – I’ve been lurking around for some time, catching up on your old posts. Weird habit of mine to read in chronological order. So what’s wrong with the old fridge? What did piggybeng break? Anyway, Happy Niu Year to you and family.

  5. jasmine says:

    yeah, u got a new fridge! blessing in disguise *hehe*

    jasmines last blog post..OX-cellance 2009!

  6. Elaine says:

    same fridge as mine. 🙂

    Happy MOO MOO year!

    Elaines last blog post..Printer

  7. Happy NIUUUUU Year to you, PB & Darrius.

    Can’t help laughing at your comment “yeah he is extremely kiamsiap kiasu”. LOL. In the end, he also bought the one you wanted lah. So, I think you should be beaming with happiness liao…secretly…of course!

    Immomsdaughters last blog post..Gong Hei Fatt Choy

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