Mixed feeling

I am not a gadget junkie like when I was in the corporate world. Ever since I became a stay at home mom, I don’t quite need all these fancy accessories. However, in the past two years, things has somehow changed a little especially after I used my blogs to bring in some pocket money.

The opportunities of writing reviews has given me the chance of owing some of the tech gadgets which I have never thought I will need. Then came along some lucky draws which also given me tech stuff which I never thought I will use. Anyhow, I still keep most of them as momentous.

But there is one thing that I seriously think I needed but I can never get my hands on one simply because my ‘kiam-siap’ (stingy) hubby do not believe in ‘fancy’ stuff even though I told him I will pay for it myself.

I am contemplating of getting a DSLR since I like to have nice close up shots for my photos in my recipes, bento and cupcakes blogs. PiggyBeng said I don’t need one since my current Canon Powershot is good enough.

Well, guess I still need to brain wash him again or probably I should really try my luck in the lottery so if I win a million dollar, a few thousand is no longer significant! *bleah~*


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  1. Hijackqueen says:

    When investing in a dSLR, one have to invest in lenses too. Usually their body came with a lens kit that can’t shot macro. I know what you mean by taking food pic. Kit lens can’t take closeup shot. the nearest is probably 6 inches away that one also depending what is the lens focal point. A macro lens may cost something up to Rm2k. I still keep my pns for macro lens cos pns produces the best macro shot compare to dSLR. My pns can go as close as 3cm. hehehe… I would advise you to have both camera as they works differently.

    Hijackqueens last blog post..Buckle Up Behind

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