One more year…

I am counting the days… literally. Well, it will be less than 360 days to be exact when my little baby will be finally going to school. He will turn four by the end of this year and will be considered as five in the coming school year. PiggyBeng has stated that he will only allow Darrius to attend school when he reaches five.

Like all mommies, I am excited but I still have to contain my excitement for another year. Though Darrius will have no problems integrating into school life (he has been asking to go to school for a few weeks now) PiggyBeng don’t want to stress the little brain out. The daddy just want his little boy to enjoy his little life for a longer period before he is being bogged down with all the academic challenges.

Anyhow, I am looking forward to those fun days he might have at school like parties, concerts, plays or even sport days. I know the lil fella will be happy to receive those sports gifts on sport day.


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