More bumps ahead

The end of 2008 was quite depressing for a lot of people with the weak economy rolling in and 2009 is not going to get any better but worse.

This evening, when PiggyBeng stepped into the house he announced to me that both IBM and Microsoft will be retrenching over 10 thousand staff each. Now, the giants have reacted and definitely the economy don’t look that positive any more.

With Chinese New Year around the corner, the mood don’t get any better either. Though we do not have any financial burden but if things get worse, it might affects PiggyBeng’s job in the long run which can be quite scary.

We have been living a frugal life (though I have lots of indulgence of late!!!) but when reality hits, I guess I will have to buck up too. And there goes that Rackmount lcd we planned to get!


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