The new year and spring cleaning

Happy New Year!

2008 ended and now we are in 2009, a year where I am in my 3rd cycle… go figure… πŸ˜‰

I have not been doing a lot of posts the past 2 weeks (there a lot of back dated posts coming!!!!) as I was extremely exhausted from all the year end activities. If you are wondering why I have not been popping over to your blog(s) lately, that was because this slave here has been doing a little spring cleaning at home as well as on some of her blogs (if you noticed, I did some changes on this blog’s header and my cupcakes blog‘s template).

From the spring cleaning session (I desperately needed an effective cleaner to clean away all those spammies!!!) I discovered a really good plugin which has finally ended my headache. I especially needed a powerful anti-spam software over at my cupcakes blog as I get almost 50 spams a day! (I just can’t comprehend why someone selling teen s** is keen on my cupcakes!!!) Though I have Askimet installed but it only ‘catches’ these spammies but they are still in my spam box which is ultra annoying! I have to go clear my spam box all the time and sometimes I am so sick of going through that I just click ‘delete all’ without checking if there are any genuine comments in there.

If any of you (those using own domain) who is also experiencing increased spamming in your comment box, do try download WP-SpamFree by Scott Allen. I have installed for almost a week now and to my surprise I get ZERO spam since then! This plugin can eliminate spams totally!

Anyway, I want to thank all of you who are so kind to pop over and made some comments… don’t worry, your comments came through and the plugin is smart enough to detect! πŸ˜†

Darrius has been driving me up the wall these days and there’s no way I can concentrate on any thing. He’s just like a broken record… humming repeated words into my ears!!! I just can’t wait till the day where I can send him off to school!!!! πŸ˜† (probably I’ll miss him then!)


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0 Responses to The new year and spring cleaning

  1. michelle says:

    Well you can blacklist certain URL from your blog to prevent spam like .info, .cn…etc. It is better than any plugin.

  2. Hello Alice, Blessed New Year. So funny the way u describe Darrius…later on when he grow bigger and no more mumbling words at your ears…by then u will surely miss it.

    I need to start some spring cleaning too!

  3. Paik Ling says:

    Hehe when are you planning on sending Darrius to school?

    Paik Lings last blog post..In a Dilemma

  4. hehehe… my girl is the same too. repeating words into my ears too.

  5. Binky says:

    Cleaning before CNY comes, eh? You gotta relax once a while; maybe weekend ask hubby to take care of Darrius so that you can go to spa???

    I’m thinking of setting up my own weblog in the future, coz I post so many pictures in my Blogger page and using up their space… Anyway, I guess it looks like you are the person who I can sought advice from on these stuffs, eh?

    Binkys last blog post..All done… yay!

  6. Thanks for the tip. I’ll try this plugin soon.

    LOL regarding Darrius. Boy, am I glad my records are fixed πŸ˜‰

    Immomsdaughters last blog post..A New Year, A New School Term Again

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