Darrius’s early Christmas pressie…


I was trying to finish up my cupcake order today which I had to delay by 2 hours as I can’t finished them by 5pm. Darrius as usual, notti and cheeky. PiggyBeng came back around 4.30pm so I rushed to cook dinner and was done by 5pm. Since I need to continue with my cupcakes, I asked PiggyBeng to help me feed Darrius (can’t let the boy feed himself too often as he will play with his food now).

PiggyBeng as usual will be stuck on the PC doing his file transfer while Darrius run around while being fed by his daddy. At about 6.25pm, I heard a loud thud… silence… both PiggyBeng and myself fearing the worst… and WUUUUHHHHHAAAAWUUUUUHHAAAA!!!!

We both ran out and saw Darrius lying on the floor and crying very loud so PiggyBeng quickly pick him up and ask him where did he knocked his head but that boy was screaming away and won’t answer us.

I tried to feel his head but there was nothing so I took him over from PiggyBeng and cuddle him. Then I tried asking him again if he feels any pain on his head but he won’t stop crying and ignored my question. I continue to search for ‘that spot’ and finally I found… on the left side on the back of his head a HUGE BUNGALOW as big as a ping-pong ball!

I can see blood spots/dots (hair follicles) on the skin but he was not bleeding so I quickly get ice pack and rub on that bump. He won’t let me so we have to bribe him with food… again…


My customer came early so I have to quickly finish up before I have the chance to check on Darrius. PiggyBeng continue to put the ice-pack for me and after a while the bump don’t look so sore anymore…

Hope it is nothing serious… I’m really paranoid about knocks these days after what happened to my cousin’s girlfriend


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0 Responses to Darrius’s early Christmas pressie…

  1. Jenny says:

    I am very paranoid too…and both kids have experienced those bumps few times… It scared the hell out of me. But, u did the right thing…Icing it with ice pack… our pediatrician also advised us to observe them for 24-48 hours…look of any signs of sudden throw ups, appetite changes, signs of lethargic, and having problem waking them up…signs of not being themselves. When Lucas had his bump in my parents house last year, and was bleeding quite a lot (didn’t get stitches though, stopped by the time we reach the clinic), the only sign of him not being himself was getting along with his cousin brother! ๐Ÿ˜› We were really lucky. As parents we hope they’d learn from their pain…but NOPE…they won’t…they’d continue to be kids…and getting some more bumps and bruises! ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

  2. Paik Ling says:

    Oh dear, I’m sure nothing serious. Children are a lot tougher than us adults. And God made them in such a way that they can take knocks better than us cos God knows that they knock themselves often!! Keep us updated ok!

    Paik Lings last blog post..The Bumbo Seat

  3. moolet says:

    wei wei wei…hope darrius is ok…matt kena a big golf ball baluku this yr last day of the 7th lunar mth…i tell u, scared the shit out of me and mil…now 5mths later still can see a mini hill on his forehead…he had earlier baluku on the opp side so like 2horns on his forehead…

    matt ‘kissed’ the wall when he was playing hopscotch wif stef facing mil rm’s door…aiyo wail until the entire blk can hear, i quickly rush him to see c doc coz the swell got blood water on his forehead…

    take care ya…catch up wif u soon…

  4. Amie says:

    Hope Darrius is getting better and merry christmas to you all ๐Ÿ™‚

    Amies last blog post..Down with Bronchitis

  5. Ryan mami says:

    My Ryan also got a lot of bumps… especially his head and his legs! *sigh*

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