It has been a crazy month with all the sickness and all those last minutes cupcake orders that totally drives me crazy. To be honest, words don’t come easily now as compared to when I first started blogging 2.5 years ago… hen the last of posting these days. The enthusiasm kind of fizzle off…

Darrius’s birthday came and gone and I did not even have the time to sit down and note what are his milestones on the day he turned 3. Shame on me! Today actually marks the day he is turning 37-month. A big boy no less!

When he turned 2 last year, I can see all those ‘Terrible Two’ traits just before his 2nd birthday but I noticed he already shown those ‘Horrible Three’ traits long before he turned 3! I could tell you my days are so frustrating as I spent a lot of them screaming, yelling over the same thing day in day out. However, the boy is not even tickled! 😐


Mr Rediffusion
Not sure any or many of you have heard of Rediffusion… it was the 24-hour radio station that a lot of our grandmothers used to have in the house. It is switched on 24/7 … so you get entertainment all the time. Well, Darrius is like my walking Rediffusion. He blah… and blah… and blah non stop the entire day…. whether we are at home or outside. He will talks to himself when he play and will ask a lot a lot of questions over something he sees or heard. Every time I answered a question I will be asked another question and another and another and it will never end until I stopped  answering!

Sometimes I got so tired of answering him and will scream… and guess what?

Darrius: Mommy, why you scream at Darrius?

You say I stress or not? He did not know his mommy is about to go crazy… 😐

Mr Kaypoh & Mr Kacau
He used to be very kaypoh but now it has become worst! Everything he wants to know… whether it relates to him or not. If someone rang the door bell, he will ran to the door and check who is that. When I serve him food that he has not seen before, he will ask what is this and that. When I apply cream for him he will ask what kind of cream am I applying and etc…

He is very disturbing. He won’t let me do my work in peace. We can never do our work if we do not put him (locked up) on his high chair. When we mop the floor, he just want to ride his little mobile over the wet floor or run on the wet floor… he slipped and fell a few times but still not deterred. Basically, what ever we are doing, and if he is present, he will come and mess things up!

Mr Stingy
There is no sharing be it food (unless he is really full) or toys (unless he has been playing  for a long time). And there is no sharing of mommy too! He would not allow his daddy or grandmother (MIL) to talk to me. What he will do is, he will come and distract our conversation and make lots of noise. And he will come and tell me…

Darrius: Mommy cannot talk to daddy… must talk to Darrius only


Darrius: Don’t want mommy to talk to Ah Mah


Mr Demanding
When he wants something means he wants it NOW! If I tell him to wait he will go… WUUAHHHHHWWWUUUUAAHHH! So mommy has no choice but to flash the migthy CANE. If he wanted somethingin particular, he only wants that particular thing and there’s no way we can substitute it. Like now, he will want to choose his own shows/DVD. If we simply choose one for him he will scream until we change it to the one he wants. Therefore, we have to threaten him that if he change his mind later, we will not change for him until he has finished watching what ever he has wanted to watch first.


Mr Ham-pau (Cry-baby)
I think he knows the crying tricks. Every time when he can’t have his ways he will cry out loud with tears. I can be sure those are just crocodile tears!!!! The moment we give in to him he will stop immediately and will smile or laugh out loud… 180 degree change in a matter of seconds! Faster than the wind of change! 😛


Ok, enough of all those bad traits for now and see what other achievements he has over the months…

He can feed himself most of the time but he is getting very untidy. He likes to play with his food now as compared to 6 months ago. He is getting more picky when he feed himself but still swallow what ever I shoved into his mouth. So, if there are any items he dislike, I will have to feed him and not let him feed himself.

He has more teeth growing (saw 2-3 molars popping out the past few weeks). I think he has grew taller by a cm or two… still very slow in this area… could it be he’s a breastfed baby or issit my genes? 😦

Now he hardly take any afternoon naps unless he is very tired after shopping or playing rough. He still creep up to our bed every morning without fail.

Still not fully diaper free yet as when he sleeps at nite he will be sleeping like a log so we just put on the diapers for him. Amazingly, he can wake up to pee when he do nap in the afternoon but he can’t go back to sleep after that.

Ok… that’s all for now…


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0 Responses to 36+1=37

  1. jasmine says:

    hey, sounds like shan leo too!! *haha* guess most of the kids behave more or less the same???

  2. Paik Ling says:

    Darrius looks so darn cute in the santa’s hat!! Haha i liked the part about the croc tears. They sure are good at that, aren’t they!!

  3. laundryamah says:

    oooo i’ve definitely seen the demanding part…hahahahaha..u got to start disciplining lor…if not susah la next time..

    laundryamahs last blog post..Penang Escapade

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