Last minute X’mas shopping

This afternoon we wanted to go to QueensBay Mall but when we arrived, we were shocked to see the amount of car queuing up to enter the carpark! We did not expect the place could  be that crowded so we have to make a detour and went to Sunshine Square instead. Surprisingly, Sunshine Square was all quiet like a weekday… there was no queue at the carpark or even at most of the cashiers. Weird.

I guess that since it is the last weekend before Christmas, many people wanted to do some last minute shopping (luckily we are not celebrating so we are ‘saved’ from all the gifts buying!) in bigger malls so at the same time they can enjoy some show line ups that usually take place a week before Christmas.

Actually I have wanted to go check out some Designer Jewelry to go with the new blouse I’ve just bought a couple of weeks ago and was quite disappointed that our plans to go QueensBay did not materialized.  Darrius was crying and screaming away as he did not get to go to QueensBay. Poor boy has not been to QueensBay for a few weeks and he certainly missed that place.


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0 Responses to Last minute X’mas shopping

  1. Angeline says:

    With all the last minute Christmas Shopping going on now, everywhere is ‘jamming’ like crazy!
    Traffic jam, human jam, cashier queue jam and blah blah blah….

    guess, little one got to wait till the craze is over then! *pout*

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