The plans…

The past two weeks I just can’t seem to get things done except my cupcake orders… which I don’t have a choice but to get them done! 😛

The food poisoning episode made me so tired and lazy to do anything. I have so many posts not done even after I have downloaded all the photos. Just so lazy to get them sorted out. There were a lot of happenings too but still don’t have the momentum to start writing. I’m turning into a lazy bone!

Initially we have wanted to plan a short trip back to KL during the Christmas week. Then after some thoughts about it, we decided not to go KL now but in February instead as I wanted to coincide with  one of the blogging mommy who will be back for visiting with her family.

Last night while we went to PiggyBeng’s aunt place, we talked about Cuti-cuti Malaysia and thought we should have a short trip to Cameron and Ipoh instead. PiggyBeng’s aunt has not been to Cameron before so it will be an interesting trip for her and we intend bring them for some makan-makan in Ipoh.

At the same time PiggyBeng could also check out some of the old golf bags and clubs which my uncles intend to give away.


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  1. jazzmint says: chinese new year balik…longer lah..when wanna schedule for the shoot 😛

    i’m shooting for that mommy also that u mention here keke