It is time to Switchhhh!

I’ve heard from so many fellow bloggers bickering about their disappointments with their webhosts over the years. I know many of us wanted to find a good webhost that could provide good service, support (minimum down time!!!) and of course at a reasonable price. Don’t we all know very well that, cheap things are not always good and good things are never cheap?

When I first wanted to get my own domain and get it hosted, I shopped around and tried getting feedbacks from other bloggers about which webhost to sign up with. I used to be  quite an illiterate when it comes to technology stuff so I am glad I do all the surveys as I found one which is truly reliable! If you have not known yet, has been with Exabytes since day one. So far my hosting experience with Exabyte is nothing short of ‘Full Satisfaction’.

Exabyte has not only provide excellent service and support (very helpful staff), they even throw in lots of goodies for their clients. Over the last 1.5 years, I have went on 2 private movie screenings, other events which I did not get to attend (yeah, I can’t always bring Darrius to these events) and loads of freebies, goodies and promotions during festive seasons. Where else can you find such a great webhost? Best of all, they are here in Malaysia, so if I really-really need to talk to them I can call when I’m awake and not have to wait till when the sun sets!

So, if you ask me which is my preferred webhost, I will definitely tell them Exabyte. Guess what? You can even use your PayPal to pay! I have always love these smooth transactions! 🙂

Well, if you are having bad experiences with your current webhost(s), don’t you think it is about time you make a Switchhhh????


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  1. thanks for this infor, i was thinking to switch my webhost….

  2. ck lam says:

    Very informative…more ppl will get to know about it.