It is Darrius’s turn now…

It was rather late reaction or his little tummy is really strong while mine was extremely weak! I was attacked by the worst food poisoning since Friday morning while Darrius only started throwing up on Saturday morning while taking his morning milk. He was a little shocked and traumatized from the experience… and did not even ask for milk after that!

He puked again before we were supposed to go out… some of the pasta which I cooked for him for lunch. Then we went to pick my MIL up on the way to PiggyBeng’s cousin’s place. Darrius was unusually quiet on the way so I decided to move to the rear to sit with him.
True enough, he puked while waiting for my MIL to come. Then when we were about to reach, he puked again!

Luckily when we were at the party, he was ok throughout. He can run and play with all his cousins. I fed him a little rice with hot and forbade him every other food he asked for (especially the mini cuppies and jellies I made for the party!).

Then came Sunday which thankfully, everything was fine but he complaint that his tummy was uncomfortable every now and then. I dare not give him milk so cooked some porridge for him for breakfast and packed the balance for his lunch. Everything was fine till the end of the wedding dinner. He still managed to eat some sharkfin soup and bits and pieces here and there.

When we reached home, he complaint his stomach pain again and wanted to go poo-poo. Was glad he went straight to sleep and slept throughout.

He was ok the whole day until dinner time just now. He wanted to poo-poo and his poo was those light greenish watery type… so he is considered as having diarrhea now. So decided not to let him eat other stuff so bought him some mantao instead. He pooed 2 more times after that.

Don’t know when this will end… poor boy can’t have his milk due to the diarrhea and have to eat plain food. Will see how it goes tomorrow and if he is still not getting any better, we’ll have to bring him to the doctor. All these experiences just reminded me on getting a term life insurance for him.


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0 Responses to It is Darrius’s turn now…

  1. jasmine says:

    poor boy! hope darrius will be well soon!!!

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  2. Allisia says:

    Hope he get well soon. And stop giving him any solid food lah. just 100 Plus and water enought.let his intestive recover first.

  3. wen says:

    poor darrius. hope he gets well. drink lots of water ya !

    wens last blog post..Accessories For My New Kitchen