Worst food poisoning ever…

Two days of merry feasting was great but the end result was dreadful….

This morning I was greeted with one of the worst food poisoning I’ve ever had in my entire life. I purged non stop the whole morning and at the end I have to puke too to make myself feels better.

Luckily PigyBeng can come home early to take me to the clinic as I totally lost all my might to even walk.. my tummy cramped so bad I was practically screaming like someone in labor!

I’m trying to figure out which food I took that causes the food poisoning but I have ate so many things the past 2 days, I really have no idea!

Was glad after the medication I’m back to normal… I hope all the pain will go away as I have a long weekend ahead… my schedule is packed with jello and cupcakes making tomorrow for a wedding eve dinner at a relative’s house and the whole of Sunday will be busy with the wedding.

Bento posts and all the makan-makan posts will have to take a back seat for a while…

At the mean time, have a great long weekend everyone! ๐Ÿ™‚


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0 Responses to Worst food poisoning ever…

  1. Irene says:

    adoi, get all better soon, take care

    Irenes last blog post..got it!

  2. jasmine says:

    get well soon! take care!

  3. rachel says:

    har??? eat too much with AMAH n gang until lau sai ar…
    hope u get well soon. for the next few days..porridge only! punishment..”P

    rachels last blog post..Slings Bags- updated

  4. leeyen says:

    poor thing, u hv just recovered frm the cough (haven’t U?) and now suffer this! hope u get well soon!

    leeyens last blog post..Pros and Cons of marrying an IT savvy

  5. Blur Mommy says:

    Hope you feel better soon.

    Blur Mommys last blog post..My Little Pony Cake and Cupcake Tower

  6. Angeleyes says:

    Thanks all for the well wishes… I am feeling so much better after the medication and I’ll be back to all the makan-makan soon! hehehe How can you stop a ‘wai-sek-mao’ from eating???

  7. ilovepearly says:

    Ooooo….hope you recover soon!

  8. laundryamah says:

    it’s my fault that u got this…I feel so bad….as I said, it’s got to be the Apom’s fault…cos both Kieran n myself also purging & vomitted!

    laundryamahs last blog post..To the zoo & bird park..

  9. millymin says:

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    Hope to see you there!~

    millymins last blog post..Day 4 Western Australia (Part I) : Albany

  10. Babynme says:

    Alamak. Just like my wife. Just recovered from purging, already think of makan makan again. Aiyoh! Another `wai-sik-mao’…..meow meow…

    Babynmes last blog post..Nail Biting Moment

  11. 3lilangels says:

    Glad you’re better and already thinking of the next makan.*_^

    3lilangelss last blog post..Hand-me-downs

  12. sting says:

    good to hear you are well and back to makan-makan! ๐Ÿ™‚

    stings last blog post..Complete The Sentence Tag

  13. Angeline says:

    oh no!!! it reminds me of one of my WORST food poisoning experience when I had a sushi feast…. I hope you didn’t eat sashimi just before this happen…. it was really terrible! I could not even straighten my back, tummy too pain….

    I’m glad to see you posting here, cos it shows that you are sooooo much better……ya girl, get well real soon or you’ll miss all the yummies!

    Angelines last blog post..Splashing Fun

  14. Poh Nee says:

    oh dear, get well soon!

    I had food poisoning 2 weeks ago during my precious weekend!! grrr…wasted the whole day sitting beside the toilet bowl to puke also….

    I think when the Mommy suffer like that, the kids also kesian hor…how u still manage to take care of Darrius alone?

    My Zoe just look so lost and sad seeing me puking ….lucky I have my hubby the whole day taking care of everything else….

    anyway, gotta be careful with outside food nowadays…get well soon!

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