Stuffed to the brim @ Chili’s, Gurney

Last Friday PiggyBeng has to attend his company’s D&D in one of the hotel in Batu Ferringhi but no spouse/family member was allowed (so cheapo right???) so both Darrius and myself have to find alternative to spend the evening. At the end we decided to have PiggyBeng drop us in Gurney Plaza and both mommy and son will go dine and shop together.

With Gurney Plaza’s new wing just opened recently, there are more dining outlets but after going round and round both buildings I we still can’t decide what to eat. It started to drizzle a little but the only place I really felt like going is to Chili’s to have their burger (still can’t get over those burgers in LA!!!). So it was Chili’s we went at the end.

It has been a long time since I ate in Chili’s. I remembered my last trip was back in Singapore some years back (yeah… that long ago!). Like TGIF, they have this promo where kids eats for FREE. Great deal since Darrius can eat a lot now… (I’m a al-cheapo mommy!) 8)

We got a table at the far end so it was quite cozy for us. Darrius was happy with the high chair and he was all excited when the waitress came to take our orders. I asked him what he wanted from his kiddy menu and he made his selection. Then it was photo time! Told him to show me how a hungry boy looks like and he gave me that!

Then like usual, Darrius will monkey around trying to send electric current to the other diners nearby especially ladies! There was this table with a few high school students next to ours and just behind Darrius started to ‘kacau’ him and the lil kay-poh-chi never shy away! :mrgreen:

Our orders did not take long to come and the first item that came is this…




It was soup of the day, Chicken and Mushroom Soup. Other than the ‘cup’ which is rather small, the taste was quite good. It has chunky pieces of chicken and mushroom served together with 2 pieces of digestive biscuits. Love the ‘country’ taste… how I wish I can cook that!

Then this came…




It was Darrius’s kid’s meal! He got 3 pieces of deep fried battered chicken pieces with heaps of fries. To be honest, it was just too much for Darrius! In fact the size is almost an adult size… like the same serving you get for your Long John Silver meal!

Finally, mine came…




I had their Old Timer Burger with cheese. Look at the way the cheese melted on the beef patty… so yum! I asked for medium done but I think they did it well done for me so it was a tad too hard and dry to bite. Honestly, I can’t finish it! Look at the amount of fries in that basket!!! *burp~* I have wanted to try some of their appetizers but knowing both of us can’t eat that much I dumped the idea. In fact the entree is good for 2 person if you’re not a big eater.

After the meal we went jalan-jalan at the new wing and guess what? The new Apple shop was having a launch that night! There was free FOOD along the walkway and anyone can eat!!!! *haiya!*

It was a nice experience… dating my boy out for the night! πŸ˜› Next time when he has a gf he won’t want mommy to go pak-tor with him!!!


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0 Responses to Stuffed to the brim @ Chili’s, Gurney

  1. Jenny says:

    Darrius’ photo cracks me up! πŸ™‚ Isn’t it nice to have dates with the little ones? I think I need to have one with my daughter…since she’s in school all day now— miss her when she’s gone, annoyed by her when she’s home! haiii… Anyway…Ramly burger, u are still the best!!! πŸ˜› hhahahhah

  2. wa.. go pak tor ah? shiok nya. i must go for chilli’s la, cos its been ages since i went there. now is only tony romas.. w/o the oink! they have kids dine for free thingy also but only from mondays to weds…. i wonder why? hmmm……

  3. Binky says:

    That’s one big attitude coming from Darrius (the pic)! My all time fave burger is the ones made by the Malay guys at the roadside stall in Kuching’s Padang Merdeka. And my current fave, American version, is Carl’s Jr Guacamole Bacon Burger – simply finger lickin’ good!

  4. Annie Q says:

    eh, i tot chili’s also serve kid’s meal free? No? hmmm…

    Aiyo…u make me so hungry now!!!! *looking at the big burger and fries* Yummmmmm!!!

    Annie Qs last blog post..Daddy away on the weekend

  5. min says:

    haha.. mummy sure enjoyed her date with her son right? i just cannot imagine if i go out for a “Date” with my daddy! hahah that’ll be hilarious!!

  6. KittyCat says:

    OMG…we are dying for anything Western, Indian, Malay and NOT Chinese!!!

    The soup and burger look sooooooo good πŸ˜› πŸ˜› πŸ˜›

    KittyCats last blog post..Croup, cough cough and sniff sniff