Bento Fun #54

I was a little hard working last week with my Bento as I can spend more time doing them since I don’t have any cupcake orders that few days. This was last Tuesday Bento which Darrius had for dinner.

Made him his favorite star-shaped onigiri again (the eyes and mouths were actually seaweed cutout with my mini face cutters) with some fried snake beans with anchovies and steamed herbal chicken. Added some strawberries for his vitamin intake. He started to like strawberries now especially those sweet ones but will spit out if they are sour!




He cleared all the strawberries first before he ate the chicken and most of the anchovies but left some snake beans and rice behind. This was quite a heavy Bento for him with 3 rice balls…


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0 Responses to Bento Fun #54

  1. shoppingmum says:

    Snake beans? I just prepared that for dinner last night, and my kids don’t really like it too, gee…

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  2. nice bento creation! I’ve got all my tools but have not started preparing a bento meal!

  3. leona says:

    Since Darrius likes strawberries now… could try giving him strawberries and whipped cream?? Oohh.. yummy! ( If u are not to particular about his sugar intake, that is!)

  4. javapot says:

    I like the stars…so cute!!

  5. rachel says:

    u r not little hard working, but VERY hard working…
    Thumbs Up!

  6. I would clear the strawberries first too…